MB | Weekend Getaway at Frogmore

A weekend in the English Countryside for a photoshoot with Queenie at Frogmore and Frogmore Cottage.

MIWABUNNY | The reality of blogging | Opinion

I applied to blog one of my favorite brands in the past few days and today I got rejected. I won’t lie, this one hurt a little bit but I am at a point in my SL and RL where something like this does not affect me as much as it once did, you know?Continue reading “MIWABUNNY | The reality of blogging | Opinion”

MIWABUNNY | Finding my voice | Opinion

As a person in the real world I had a hard time coming to terms with my life, my looks, my thoughts and more recently my body. It was always a comparison between me, society, diet culture and whatever my family wanted of me. It took many years for me to finally settle down andContinue reading “MIWABUNNY | Finding my voice | Opinion”

MIWABUNNY | Party the Weekend | Life in SL

Some weekends are better than others, you know? Some are filled with obligation, both in SL and IRL, others are just about parties and friends and love. This was one of those. I had the fortune to spend time ALL weekend with my friends, enjoying parties and being kinkee in SL by showing up inContinue reading “MIWABUNNY | Party the Weekend | Life in SL”


You ever entered a room or a place in Second Life (dot com pls sponsor kthxbai) where it reminded you of something; it could be a time, a place or a moment, frozen in time that is just… there. That is liminality. liminality [ lim-uh-nal-i-tee ] noun Architecture/Sociology. is a location or a moment which isContinue reading “MIWABUNNY | LIMINALITY | Life in SL”