MBS | Rave On! | VLOG

♡ Paragon Dance Animations – Cici – Shuffle Vol. 1 // Available at ACCESS♡ Hazy Doll – Blu’s Neon Hooping // Abnormality Exclusive♡ Normandy-Molly // Abnormality Exclusive♡ Nefekalum – Rave Stripes // Abnormality Exclusive♡ Muu – Obice Stickers // Abnormality Exclusive♡ Terato – Raver Fantasy Halo // Abnormality Exclusive The Bearded Guy Backdrops Pasarela NeonContinue reading “MBS | Rave On! | VLOG”


Got to get some Ice Cream with Aris and Cammy today which always makes me happy, and who provided such treat? Well of course MAMERE! Who else. Their food is highly detailed and ADORABLE always so of course I got it! SPONSORED ITEMS: ♡ [Mamere] – White and black cat Icecream // Originally created forContinue reading “MIWABUNNY | ICE CREAM BY THE BAY!”