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MBS | Rave On! | VLOG

♡ Paragon Dance Animations – Cici – Shuffle Vol. 1 // Available at ACCESS♡ Hazy Doll – Blu’s Neon Hooping // Abnormality Exclusive♡ Normandy-Molly // Abnormality Exclusive♡ Nefekalum – Rave Stripes // Abnormality Exclusive♡ Muu – Obice Stickers // Abnormality Exclusive♡ Terato – Raver Fantasy Halo // Abnormality Exclusive The Bearded Guy Backdrops Pasarela NeonContinue reading “MBS | Rave On! | VLOG”


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Hello my name is Miwa, I am a photographer, videographer, musician, branding specialist and teacher and this is my Second Life and gaming blog. Creating content every week and tutorials for anyone wishing to improve in the Second Life community.

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