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Rest at home

Nothing like spending some time alone at home wearing fluffy shoes! Style info inside.

Meet me in Okinawa

Originally posted on MiwaBunny:
Okinawa Summer Festival is having its 10 year anniversary and holding a contest for it! I decided to go grab some of the cute items from the shops at the festival, my cute braid, my SUPER cute eyewear, grabbed a drink and my s’more friendo and headed there! You should too!…

Feeling cute

I don’t know, I was feeling cute as hecc today so this happened. Style info inside.

Bedroom Eyes

Small video of me dancing to the Bedroom Eyes song by Studio Killers. Enjoy!


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Hello my name is Miwa, I am a photographer, videographer, musician, branding specialist and teacher and this is my Second Life and gaming blog. Creating content every week and tutorials for anyone wishing to improve in the Second Life community.

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