Miwa Bunny

Second Life Resident
General Manager for Team Wildfire SL
Social Media Manager for Seydr

My name is Miwa Bunny and I am a Second Life Video and Photography Blogger with a passion for cyberpunk, fashion and music and I bring all of this into my blog and work. I tend to do mostly video dance blogs but I also do reviews, venue/event coverage and more.

Most of the time while in Second Life I tend to idle and keep to myself, some other times I go out and party with friends or I DJ at some venues, other times, well I just get lost on sales and stores or creating a photo setting that later becomes a blogpost here.

I blog what I like in that moment, others I blog items at a fashion/shopping event or just something I want everyone to see because I find it cute!

I use different characters in my blog and I will change/model depending on my mood or where we are, most of them are custom creations including skin and parts that I do not disclose on blog, ever. Some of my characters are:
  • Bunny: my main character, mostly thicc human also a cyborg.
  • Nieve: Albino Pembroke Welsh Corgi, my main sona.
  • Soleil: Red Pembroke Welsh Corgi, wrestling-sona, sister to Nieve.
  • Berrie Sunset, The berrie twin kitty.
  • M, the zombie model.
  • Aleijia the succubus.
  • Miwa: Corpo Cyberpunk Human.
  • Allegra: Rart, very special rat made for me for rartdays.

I also take photo commissions and do some coaching, for more information you can check my services page.

What I tend/can wear


  • [LEGACY] Meshbody Classic
  • eBody – Reborn
  • Kalhene – Erika
  • Maitreya Mesh Body


  • #Boataom
  • Pink Fuel
  • [Seydr]
  • Glam Affair
  • 7 Deadly Skins
  • Old CStar Skins from 2010-2015


  • Catwa: HDPRO Queen, HDPRO Sasa
  • Lelutka: Ceylon, Milan, Avalon, Kaya
  • LAQ: Rina, Poppy, Sandy
  • GENUS: Baby Face W002

Furry Heads

  • August: Espen
  • Cerberus: Canis/Lupus, Felis, Selachi (Shark)
  • Sugarcult: Fennex/Fennux, Leo. Katzen
  • Happy Paw: Deer/Goat, Rabbit, Sphynx

Furry Parts

  • Apricot Paws: Feety Peets, Handy Paws, Hoofy Toes
  • Sugarcult: Possum Parts
  • Wicked Pup: Edgy Ears
  • [M.O.R.]: Bento Rabbit Parts, Bento Demon Tail, Eastern Dragon Bento Set
  • Happy Paw: Horse/Deer Hoof for Legacy, Deer Tail Animesh, Short Tail bento/animesh, Tail Tassel Bento/animesh, Axolotl Parts.

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