Miwa Bunny

Owner of Lovely Mi
Second Life Marketing Specialist
General Manager for Team Wildfire SL
Social Media Manager for Seydr

Hello, My name is Miwa Bunny and I enjoy taking pictures, sharing extracts of my SL, streaming on Twitch and making videos. I am the owner of Lovely Mi and MBS and Co-Owner of Amber Bay.

My Second Life time is basically blogging, working on Lovely Mi or Team Wildfire, taking pics and going to listen to music at clubs or events.

Blogger since 2009 under several blogs, magazines or my own, including BOSL, Fashion Teller House, Maniera, Kabuki, and more. Took a sabatical of 4 years from 2014-2018, when I returned under Miwa Bunny.

I blog all types of looks and forms, it really depends on what I feel like at the moment, what specific cute things brands make or just what I feel like wearing, furry though I stick now to my own OCs and a few others here and there, if I feel like it, or if it is part of events I take part in.

  • Miwa Bunny: is my main character, mostly a bimbo/thicc human [here]. Can be slender when in her manager/corpo form [here].
  • Bunny: The cyborg [here]. She has a very extensive lore started in 2010 with a new name in 2016, expanded in SL RP sims and currently developped through written story by me in my Ko-fi.
  • Nieve: Albino Pembroke Welsh Corgi [here], my main sona. Designed by me with the Second Life mod was made by Bewitched.
  • Soleil: Red Pembroke Welsh Corgi, wrestling-sona, sister to Nieve. Design by me.
  • Lula: Canid pink babe, design and custom breed by Angel of {Anxious Angel}.

Check out my services page for more info on what I do.

What I tend/can wear


  • eBody – Reborn
  • Dev Nana Fitness Body
  • Maitreya Mesh Body
  • [LEGACY] Meshbody Classic
  • Kalhene – Erika


  • I mostly wear a custom skin I commissioned a long time ago (circa 2012) or a discontinued skin from a skinmaker that left SL years ago.
  • #Boataom [EVO X]
  • [HEAUX] Skins
  • Pink Fuel
  • [Seydr]
  • Glam Affair
  • 7 Deadly Skins
  • Old skins from 2010-2015
  • Body shines from Blaxium, ALT3 and TIW


  • Catwa: HDPRO Queen, HDPRO Sasa
  • Lelutka: Ceylon, Milan, Avalon, Kaya
  • LAQ: Rina, Poppy, Sandy
  • GENUS: Baby Face W002

Furry Heads

  • August: Espen
  • Cerberus: Canis/Lupus, Felis, Selachi (Shark)
  • Sugarcult: Fennex/Fennux, Leo. Katzen, Tygr
  • Happy Paw: Deer/Goat, Rabbit, Sphynx
  • BeSpoke: Zombie, Usagi, Crocodile, Cow
  • ANIMA: Fox Head

Furry Parts

  • Apricot Paws: Feety Peets, Handy Paws, Hoofy Toes
  • Sugarcult: Possum Parts
  • Wicked Pup: Edgy Ears, BOM Eyes, Cow Parts.
  • [M.O.R.]: Bento Rabbit Parts, Bento Demon Tail, Eastern Dragon Bento Set
  • Happy Paw: Horse/Deer Hoof for Legacy, Deer Tail Animesh, Short Tail bento/animesh, Tail Tassel Bento/animesh, Axolotl Parts.

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