The following are Miwa Bunny’s Terms of Service version 1.2

Before any work can begin I will require payment (via Second Life only) and an attestation in writing of you agreeing to the terms of service.

    • Consultation is free of charge where we will determine the type of work you wish to have done, build/space, music (if applicable) and time.
    • Once a project has been determined, I require full payment upfront.
    • There will be some WIPs sent your way should you require them.
    • During the end stage, I allow for 2 revisions of the work, should the client request them.
    • Revision after the final work has been delivered, will not be entertained.
    • Any revisions or changes after the final work has been delivered will come at an additional cost.
    • I only accept payment in Second Life in Linden Dollars or via Paypal with a 5% additional fee.
    • I DO NOT refund money for any reason.
    • I am a BOUDOIR photographer/videographer, this means sex scenes are shot with extreme care and focus on the sensual above the sexual component.
    • I AM NOT A PORNOGRAPHER, while I am willing to shoot your sex scene (at an added cost for this service) I do not shoot hardcore porn. If you wish me to direct you to someone for that, I will do that gladly.
    • The following will never be tolerated, nor accepted and in most cases it will result in a block and a report to Linden Labs:
      • Age play, Pedophilia, zoophilia, transphobia, homophobia, racism, CNC, rape, misogyny as well as extremist kinks (this is anything I am personally uncomfortable with).
    • I reserve the right to include the commissioned work in my personal portfolios (both physical and online), commissions sheets, pages, profile and social media at any and all points.
    • I reserve the right to edit, modify and repurpose a commission and raw material.
    • I reserve the right to claim the commissioned pieces and works as my own work.
    • You do not have the right to include the commissioned piece in a portfolio, online profile or any other place without credit to me.
    • You do not have the right to sell or reproduce for commercial use.
    • You do not have the right to claim the commission as your work.
  • All my commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Reproduction or sale of my pieces without proper permission or any evidence that the artwork/commission was bought for commercial purposes will be a violation of Intellectual Property laws.
  • As the creator I retain all rights to my work unless a commercial use license has been acquired.
  • ToS Creation date: March 15th, 2021 (version 1.0)
  • ToS Revision Date: April 8th, 2021 (version 1.1)
  • ToS Revision Date: July 12th, 2021 (version 1.2)

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