MIWABUNNY | Party the Weekend | Life in SL

Some weekends are better than others, you know? Some are filled with obligation, both in SL and IRL, others are just about parties and friends and love. This was one of those. I had the fortune to spend time ALL weekend with my friends, enjoying parties and being kinkee in SL by showing up inContinue reading “MIWABUNNY | Party the Weekend | Life in SL”


In the whirlpool that is the new normal, some things can make us smile the most. This time it comes in the form of Aitne, a cute little sexy store named .Aitne. This store is very new with original meshes aimed for the naughty, dark and sensual side of things. With accesories and some clothingContinue reading “MIWABUNNY BLOG 034 | DARK SENSUAL”


A new release by Pombear for Furry Snout. I just liked this too much, inspired in Sugar Skulls with a bit of a neon touch to it. Definitely worth getting it. Style PB – Sugar Doggo for Furry Snout Kottr Klaws with Custom Nail Texture by me. Kottr – Plops [Gauze&Trap] Ziva Horns {Vixen} –Continue reading “MIWABUNNY VLOG 037 | DANCING IN THE DARK”

MIWABUNNY BLOG 019 | [aːˈʃoːloːtɬ]

A lovely release from a new store I discovered this round of Abnormality. Sorry for the slow posting but RL and work have been hectic so my time is incredibly limited. StyleEojid – Himiko Overlays – Bubblegum Pink for Abnormality: SupernovaPlush Studios – Dona Cotton Tank[HP] Axolotl Ears + Tassel Tail (mod included in theContinue reading “MIWABUNNY BLOG 019 | [aːˈʃoːloːtɬ]”


My first ever Modify post is out, while this is not a dance vlog it is definitely one of the most fun I have done in a while and I LOVE IT! This was a complete throwback and I just couldn’t help myself. [Mod]ify Event EXCLUSIVE: Furry Fashion ~FF~ Macingosh Computer Head in Pink andContinue reading “MIWABUNNY VLOG 020 | [MOD]IFY EVENT | ~FF~ EXCLUSIVE”

Commission work | Undisclosed Client | BeSpoke Imp Head

My client chose to remain anonymous, but this texture work was done by my old time friend Yukio for a customer and with the BeSpoke head exclusively. They also asked me to promote the Store so here you can find the information on the Head by BeSpoke! Head is by BeSpoke, called ZORUS Unisex IMPContinue reading “Commission work | Undisclosed Client | BeSpoke Imp Head”