Meet me in Okinawa

Okinawa Summer Festival is having its 10 year anniversary and holding a contest for it! I decided to go grab some of the cute items from the shops at the festival, my cute braid, my SUPER cute eyewear, grabbed a drink and my s’more friendo and headed there! You should too!

♡ Mamere - Pineapple Soda
// Available at Okinawa Summer Festival

♡ Tardfish - Foodies - S' mores
// Animesh attachment, comes with hold and no hold version.
// Available at Okinawa Summer Festival

♡ PANIQ - Cat Lashes Sunglasses [Gold+Sunset]
// Available at Mainstore

Not Sponsored
♡ Ghoul - Hiyuu Bikini [Flamingo]
// Wearing ebody REBORN version

♡ Mirinae - Kagome 3m pose
Both found at the Okinawa Summer Festival.

Photo taken at the Okinawa Summer Festival Sim

Contest information and rules:

The theme of the Okinawa Summer Festival Summer Photo Contest is ‘Summer Memories’.

The prizes from the event are
1st prize of L$10,000 x 1 person
2nd place L$5,000 x 1 winner
3rd prize 3,000$ x 1 winner
Jury’s prize of L$1,000 x 5 winners

Store prize (participating shops will be announced at the venue from time to time).
The store prize is a cash prize (L$ 2,000)

THEME is Your Summer Memories

★ Only one photo per person is allowed to participate.
★ During the event, your photos will be displayed in the pool area's side wall in the centre of the venue.
★ Please make sure to include your name and the name of the store you used in the title of your SS.
★ Please send your photos with full permissions.
★ Please take photos in 16:9 ratio (1920 x 1080 pixels)
★ Please use at least one of the paid-for items sold at the event. (Gifts and LB items are excluded from the judging).
★ You can not enter the photo shoot with items displayed in the Ryukyu SIM, even if you are using paid products.
 Please use at least one wearing item when you taking pic in this SIM 🙂
★ Please enjoy make a pic time!
***You cannot enter if the object does not meet the requirements!
  Please be very careful!

[Application period.]
From 04/08/2022 to 19/08/2022.

[Send texture to]
Photo contest staff in-world: LuneLapin Resident

[Announcement of results]
The results will be posted in Second Life at the venue at midnight on the 27th.
We will also announce the results on Twitter and Flickr.
Please refer to the results on Twitter and Flickr If you can't log in until event close time 🙂


[Okinawa event Flickr group].
Please add your photos to the Flickr group.
We would be very grateful if you can add your amazing photos to the Flickr group♪

The heat continues to be severe, but Eat well, rest well, have a good time! Have a good/enjoy summer time!
Thank you for reading to the end C:

Team Okinawa


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