Meet me in Okinawa


Okinawa Summer Festival is having its 10 year anniversary and holding a contest for it! I decided to go grab some of the cute items from the shops at the festival, my cute braid, my SUPER cute eyewear, grabbed a drink and my s’more friendo and headed there! You should too!

♡ Mamere - Pineapple Soda
// Available at Okinawa Summer Festival

♡ Tardfish - Foodies - S' mores
// Animesh attachment, comes with hold and no hold version.
// Available at Okinawa Summer Festival

♡ PANIQ - Cat Lashes Sunglasses [Gold+Sunset]
// Available at Mainstore

Not Sponsored
♡ Ghoul - Hiyuu Bikini [Flamingo]
// Wearing ebody REBORN version

♡ Mirinae - Kagome 3m pose
Both found at the Okinawa Summer Festival.

Photo taken at the Okinawa Summer Festival Sim

Contest information and rules:

The theme of the Okinawa Summer Festival Summer Photo Contest is ‘Summer Memories’.

The prizes…

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