Feeling cute

Nothing like finding a cute outfit that makes you feel amazing and putting it together to go get some food with friends or go find something cute to do together, like the #OkinawaSummerFestival!

I love these type of outfits that combine the cute and the kinky. It lets that feeling of cuteness come out and be free!

Style info
♡ [Mamere] Pineapple Brothers Earrings
   // Available at Okinawa Summer Festival
♡ [Mamere] Dango(Mitarashi)
   // Available at Mainstore
♡ Hanatsumi - Madison Outfit
   // Available at Mainstore
♡ Lovely Mi - Pinks Texture HUD
   // For Petrichor Vaera Claws
   // Available at Mainstore and Marketplace
♡ #MEWSERY - Lolita Sunglasses #39
   // Available at Marketplace
♡ DOUX - Savannah Hairstyle
♡ Vibing - Summer Rings (Gold)
Decor info
♡ :HAIKEI: Into The Dream / HOUSE
♡ Black . Sand TrIumph Sofa
♡ Kalospia - Luna's Hanging Light (Moon Shape)

Published by Miwa

Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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