Dance, Dance, Dance

An adorable little mod coming from the mind of Spiritbeasts Creations! They made two releases for this round of Abnormality, one is the kitty featured here.

Several versions were made, five in total, and wearing a black and white kitty that just seemed to perfect not to choose!

♡ Spiritbeasts Creations - Foxy Catto - Goth Version
// Exclusive for Abnormality: Camp Foxwood
// Available in 5 versions: Goth, Grey, Light, Natural and Orange
// Comes with versions for Fennux head and Tygr/Katzen

♡ Lovely Mi - Love Blush [BOM] ~ Not available
// Mapped for Tygr/Katzen Head

♡ Location: Amber Bay

Not Sponsored:
♡ Crybunbun - Hentaikini Outfit Black
♡ RAMA Salon - Sierra Hair [Colorful Pack]

The other pack they made was a bunbun that I may blog later on. The quality of their mods plus the cutesy factor they add to the character when you wear it is just so cute! So, of course I HAD to do a makeup and a video to show it off!

Camp Fooxwood Abnormality
/// TP to event 
/// August 7-28
/// Website
/// Twitter

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