MBS | Rave on Vol. 2

Now this time I just wanted to have some fun with some friends and as always, they WERE fantastic. This time around I asked them to just be themselves and I chose a song that was funny and that kept that EDM feeling alive! I really hope you all enjoy it! Credits for video andContinue reading “MBS | Rave on Vol. 2”

MBS | Rave On! | VLOG

♡ Paragon Dance Animations – Cici – Shuffle Vol. 1 // Available at ACCESS♡ Hazy Doll – Blu’s Neon Hooping // Abnormality Exclusive♡ Normandy-Molly // Abnormality Exclusive♡ Nefekalum – Rave Stripes // Abnormality Exclusive♡ Muu – Obice Stickers // Abnormality Exclusive♡ Terato – Raver Fantasy Halo // Abnormality Exclusive The Bearded Guy Backdrops Pasarela NeonContinue reading “MBS | Rave On! | VLOG”

MIWABUNNY | Some Old Hollywood Glamour | Dance Video

With Kim K on everyone’s mouth about wearing Marylin’s iconic dress to the MET Gala 2022 and the very divisive opinions the fashion world and the vintage fashionistas are having on social media like Tiktok and Twitter, I couldn’t help but think of how could I incorporate some of that old hollywood glamour into aContinue reading “MIWABUNNY | Some Old Hollywood Glamour | Dance Video”

MIWABUNNY | At the Tennis Club | Life in SL

The more I go down this rabbit hole in SL, the more I fall in love. Between Amber Bay, Le Chateau and Palmwood my life has finally reached the liminal state I always wanted to live in. So from now on you will see a lot more writing and stories placed in liminal perpetual retroContinue reading “MIWABUNNY | At the Tennis Club | Life in SL”


If there’s something I truly enjoy is being able to wiggle my little butt for no other reason at random places, hey don’t judge me, we all have our guilty pleasures. And see the beauty of something like this is the fact that I am able to share some amazingly creative content while still beingContinue reading “MIWABUNNY | WIGGLE FOR ME BABY”


CREDITS Items Exclusive to The Guild SL ♡ ::WD:: Jellyfish – Arms, Body for [INITHIUM] Kupra ♡ ::WD:: Jellyfish – Umbrella (Mask) Sponsors: ♡ Lovely Mi – Avant Mask Black 03 ♡ Aitne – Star Pasties Available on Marketplace ♡ [Salal] Selenes Apostle GOLD + Face ♡ Mewsery – Float [Bento] Pose 3B from FloatContinue reading “MIWABUNNY | THE GUILD SL: ATLANTIS | Underwater Darkness”


Abnormality will be starting soon once again and to celebrate I get to blog an adorable mod from the wonderful Whisk in addition with a BEAUTIFUL release from my sponsor Aitne. Credits .Aitne.Rosary cross halo .{w}. Candy ‘Corn : Candyfloss // Coming soon to Abnormality: Euphoria [M.O.R.] Avia Wings + Yandere Unicorn ears + tailContinue reading “MIWABUNNY BLOG 066 | GODDESS”


“How does one prepare for battle? How is one prepared to come face to face with destiny and find the will and power within ourselves to change it? The stage has been set, the players are all ready. Today IS the day, where some lucky ones, handpicked by Lady Fate gather at the Colosseum inContinue reading “MIWABUNNY BLOG 051 | DIA UNO”


“Of the many things to do in this forsaken post-apocalyptic environment is stand guard for what is to come. Empire City is quiet at night. Nothing much to do here but wait for the random noise that comes from the burrowing animals that remain or the fighters coming in to claim their piece of gloryContinue reading “MIWABUNNY BLOG 050 | VIGILANCE”