Onto the Void

I will admit it, KillJoy, Achroma, Normandy and Vae Victis have turned into huge favs since I made this babe in Second Life (dot com pls sponsor kthxbai) and when I saw they be on the new round of Abnormality with BADASS items? Yep I lost it! So here we go! New event, new look, same deliciously thicc bae, with a weapon this time!

Special Abnormality Releases

♡ Achroma - Penance
    // Wearing Neck, Head Cross and Eye Accents
♡ KILLJOY Celestial Shadows #1
    // Comes in 10 versions.
♡ Normandy - Abyss
    // Wearing Corset, Tape & Thong
♡ Vae Victis - "Impera" Cosmic Greatsword
    // Comes with Pose and Recolor HUD.
    // I removed all poses and scripts from the sword and created a pose for it.
♡ [n.a.p] Phoenix Eyes - 10
♡ Lovely Mi - Santa Muerte
// Available at Amber Bay's Dia de los Muertos 2022
// Mainstore

♡ [AERTH] Suru Horns
// Available at Necrotize
// Mainstore

♡ [Seydr] Theia Eyes 
// Showing with Extraterrestrial Animation
// Available at Amber Bay's Dia de los Muertos 2022
// Mainstore

♡ RAMA.SALON - Kailey Hair 'S' eBody
♡ Quills & Curiosities - The Watcher's Clutches (eBody)
♡ Mesh head is Lelutka Ceylon 
by Abnormality
/// November 7-28
/// Website
/// Twitter

Published by Miwa

Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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