MIWABUNNY | The eyes, the eyes! (Review)

The eyes are not the windows to the soul they are the doors.
Beware of what enters there.

The Eleventh doctor

Revna Macabre formerly known as Yukio Ida is BACK and with a bang! While she has been back around for a while this is the first time she makes a massive release and WHAT A CALIBER!

The basics

The THEIA eye system. Currently released at Nightshade for their 2022 round at a special price. This system includes:

BOM enabled
12 iris types
9 materials
13 Sclera options
13 shines

Seydr also released 2 animation packs (extraterrestial and haunted) and 1 bom eye pack called Prism (sold separate to the system)

The review

We will go in steps, since this is a very big release, starting with THE EYE SYSTEM first.

Easy to use and ready to go from the get-go, upon opening the pack you are greeted with 8 alpha layers to wear, for your transparency needs, 44 objects: 12 versions, 4 per style (avian, bar, cuttlefish, demon, diamond, dragon. feline, frog, gecko, heart and human v1 and v2) 2 without animation script, 2 with the anim script; you just need to choose the type of eye you wish to go after in your look.

If you get the system buy the other packs you will emcounter 49 system eyes + 10 loop animated textures for the Theia eye system with a HUD that controls tint, glow and opacity control.

Please understand all of these are SYSTEM LAYERS, meaning you will need to unhide yoru eyes for the BOM to take.

Please understand you MUST buy the Theia eye system for the animations and HUD to work.

You can also acquire SEPARATELY the animation packs 10 animations enabled via HUD also allowing to control tint, glow and opacity control.

Please understand you MUST buy the Theia eye system for this animations to work.

The Rating

Remember I take five criteria into account, ease of use, compatibility, quality and customizability and cost v benefit. Here is the rating!

Ease of use: 5/5 momos. Because is READY to use! Let’s go!

Compatibility: 5/5 momos. Fits all bodies I tested and mesh HUMAN heads. I did not test on furry heads this time.

Customizability: 4/4 momos. Extremely easy to use, no need to modify anything on them since they are BOM ready.

Quality: 5/5 momos. That is right, these mesh eyes are FANTASTIC, properly made, gorgeously crafted and allows for a great deal of customization and mods. So yay!

Cost v Benefit: 5/5 momos. Get them. 100% gorgeous and great addition for the price they are offered at.

Personal opinion:

Genuinely love these. Great for emotional videos and easy enough to mod ans create your own textures. Definitely worth the pricetag and AVAILABLE at 50% for the Dia de los Muertos event in Amber Bay. Only November 1st and 2nd.


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