Osaka | IC Post

The following is a roleplay in-character post about the wrestling personas Lyra Phoenix (wrestler) and Miwa Bunny (her manager) try to look at it through those eyes.

It is always so nice to go take some days to travel, relax and have a delicious time to relax and find new ways to be inspired, or you know, new ways to prove we are the best.

Lyra and I took to a new location for some R&R after her special appearance in Nova Osaka Wrestling’s main event, where she took on Satsuki Okeda winning in only 5 minutes, proving once again DAWNBREAKER is ready to face it all!

Honor Pro Wrestling
// Infinity every Tuesday @ 6pm SLT
// Visit here


Published by Miwa

Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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