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As someone who practices Raqs you KNEW I was going to blog the Paragon dances released on Uber and Equal 10. But… I needed a good outfit and of course 370 and AERTH came through with some of the most badass releases that when put together make one hell of a combination.

So bit of info. Raqs or Belly Dance as it is most commonly known is an Egyptian form of belly dancing developed in the first half of the 20th Century. Rose to popularity as part of the middle eastern appeal of legendary figures like Mata Hari and it was later popularized worldwide thanks to mainstreams artists like Shakira, she was actually the reason I started doing it.

Oriental music has different music styles that have actually inspired and are still used in modern day music. Paragon’s releases are just two of them drum (freeform) and baladi.

♡ 370 by Team Wildfire - RAVE TAPE [Kupra fit]
// Exclusive release for the INITHIUM Event August round.
// Shown versions: Metals, Neon, Gradients and Night (REQUIRES Advanced Lighting)
// This is a rigged mesh item, not a tattoo

♡ AERTH - Sylaise V2
// Available at Midnight Order
// Shown versions: Black, Daemon, Oceanica and Royal.
// Full body BOM layers available for both LLUV and EVO X

// Available at EQUAL 10

// Available at Uber SL

Overall creating this video was one of the most fun experiences especially because of the amazing people that chose to participate in it with me. Between figuring out times, styles for the outfits and overall the time it took to record and edit (plus rhythm match) the dances, this was definitely something I enjoyed WAY too much! I hope you enjoy it too.

♡ RAMA Salon - Brenda Hair
♡ MINIMAL - Arabia Nights Scene
♡ MINIMAL - Saphire Skybox

Special thanks to ♡ Graves Ghostly ♡ Blue and ♡ Oni for doing this with me and putting up with the time it took to record this.

Quick note: Please take into account that DRUM is a style of freeform inspiration dancing, combining all dance styles of oriental music into one and written live between a dancer and a drum artist. Saida Halou and Mario Kirlis (both from Argentina) being considered one of the greatest drum duos worldwide. Watch them here.

It will be very strange for a DRUM choreography to fit any other song than the one it was danced to, but it is possible to do so in SL and through the magic of EDITING.


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