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Some weekends are better than others, you know? Some are filled with obligation, both in SL and IRL, others are just about parties and friends and love. This was one of those.

I had the fortune to spend time ALL weekend with my friends, enjoying parties and being kinkee in SL by showing up in skimpy clothes and dancing to our heart’s content over the many parties and places in which we decided to land.

From Fake Society x Off-line Megastore opening with DJ Lichi Moonwall, to a series of parties at Mr. Juerga with an added flavor of Wek Haus partying with DJ Sascha and DJ Kito, this was THE greatest weekend in a while, online of course. Although RL was also quite awesome if you ask me.

DJ Sascha @ Werk Haus, wearing:
CryBunBun - Cute Ashley Jean Shorts // Exlusive edition for 60L Weekend Sale.
Crybunbun - Cry Baby Top - Blush

DJ Andree Fer @ Mr. Juerga (pool), wearing:
Crybunbun - Hentaikini - Blush

DJ Andree Fer @ Mr. Juerga (La Gozadera), wearing:
Crybunbun - Sekt Bodysuit - Black
+Spellbound+ Blue Velvet Ponytail

Lichi Moonwall's set @ Fake Society + Offline Megastore opening, wearing:
Crybunbun - Stray Babies dress - Blush
phedora - Cyclon Unisex Platforms.

After that action packed Sunday, I got invited to join the HolyDoge Mall with a SoCal vibe, so once again I dragged Kori with me while I decorated and we just danced. She helped me capture a wonderful moment and of course there was some booty shaking happening.

Lovely Mi @ Holy Doge Mall

Finally we headed to Mr. Juerga again to give DJ Andree Fer a goodbye while he takes some time off to handle RL, definitely sad face but god was that fun. Between the reggaeton, the bachata and the kizomba the hips were moving and breaking like the badasses we are!

We eventually made it home and logged because we were both DONE. But was definitely fun.

If you are interested in visiting these places, I leave the LMs here for you:
☽ Amber Bay ☾
☽ Werk Haus ☾
☽ Holy Doge ☾
☽ Mr. Juerga Reggaeton Club

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