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The more I go down this rabbit hole in SL, the more I fall in love. Between Amber Bay, Le Chateau and Palmwood my life has finally reached the liminal state I always wanted to live in. So from now on you will see a lot more writing and stories placed in liminal perpetual retro states. Think of them as Bunny living in a braindance stuck in then 80s or something that resembles it very, very much.

The following is a RP story diary entry:

Entry 042083: Tennis Club and Martinis.

Never been one for playing sports but pretending to play it is definitely far more interesting. Today I had a lovely work day with Le Chateau Corporation people. Since getting my vacation home in this gated community a lot of opportunities have presented themselves. It is most definitely a fun project!
Today for example they asked me to model in their newly minted Tennis Club. I was like "but why me?" but honestly I know why.
Anyway this place is like amazing. There's only two courts which makes it super exclusive and the space is so soft. I love this French Guyana Atlantic sun that just kisses my cheeks and blushes them while making my coconut body oil all the more intense.
Anyway, I was asked to model some for the new posters and how could I pass it off. Definitely an experience. Leaving you all with some photos.

XOXO, Bunny!
♡ Crybunbun - Icecream Skirt // Available at Anthem Event (April)
♡ {Vision} - Everly Top #32
♡ Sintilika - Emiko Hair - Ombres
♡ Chateau - Cupped Martini Glasses
♡ :[P]:- Vaera Nails - Female
♡ Lovely Mi - Sunny Garden Nails HUD for :[P]: Vaera Nails //
Coming to Abnormality Electro Rage
♡ Lovely Mi - Vapor Love Eyeliner #2 [EVO X Bom] //
Coming to Abnormality Electro Rage
♡ Vibing - Ciara Rings Silver

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