You ever entered a room or a place in Second Life (dot com pls sponsor kthxbai) where it reminded you of something; it could be a time, a place or a moment, frozen in time that is just… there. That is liminality.

liminality [ lim-uh-nal-i-tee ]

noun Architecture/Sociology.

is a location or a moment which is a transition between two other locations, or states of being.

When I started the PS project back in 2020 I did it during pandemic times. It helped me move past something that was holding me back and who I am today, that was the foundation, a foundation I built thanks to the people I met back them, both the ones that stayed and those that left. That is what I look for in SL, and I think I have looked for it for a long time.

My favorite places: Amber Bay, Le Chateau Motel, Palmwood City, Mr. Juerga Reggaeton Club, The Waste. These places always seem to be in-between, it’s like they belong to a specific time or memory, but they are still. They remain in that space, looking at them, living in them makes me recall and remember good and bad times I lived. They are both frozen in time but very much alive. And that makes me smile, that is what keeps me in SL. That is why I keep coming back to it. That is why I created Amber Bay with Lyra, because there’s a beauty to moments.

If you are interested in visiting this places, I leave the LMs here for you:
☽ Amber Bay ☾
☽ Palmwood City ☾
☽ Le Chateau Motel ☾
☽ The Waste ☾
☽ Mr. Juerga Reggaeton Club

Published by Miwa

Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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