MBS | New Year Getaway: Saint Rose-Sur-Mer

The following is a roleplay-story driven post featuring Miwa and Lyra on a weekend adventure in one of the many available destinations in Second Life. A review of the sim and experience can be found after the story.

Don’t you just love getting away? Now that the holidays came about and both Blue and myself planned on a small vacation to celebrate and welcome the New Year, while also meeting up with Allure Magazine for a quick winter photoshoot. Going back to one of my favorite spots in the South of France… Sainte Rose-Sur-Mer.

The getaway:

Blue and I arrived by boat at the dock by the cliffs of this wonderful little island. Welcomed by my friend Oscar who came to greet us and show us to the small cute apartment we would be staying at for the duration of this small vacation.

The room this time was much smaller than the villa we stayed at last time, a cozy little room by the café. The town this time was covered in snow all over, Angeline and Caline invited us over to their celebration by the sea for New Year’s, which of course we accepted, but before that… we NEEDED to get some work done.

And so we went with Oscar in the middle of Winter covered with our faux-fur winter coats to take those sexy pin-up pictures to be featured in Allure for their January Sexy spread (he he), that curiously enough… just came out! So sharing with you all a few pics, with that sexy BLUE in the cover!

At the celebration dinner, we had some delicious paté, with apples, figs some Brie, honey, pistachos and lots of wine. Dressed head to toe in awesome, with shiny long dresses from -Pixiecat- and jewelry by Vibing, we felt like the greatest belles of the ball.

Before we left, we had to get one last latté at Cafe Mamere where we got some Corgi and Frenchie latt-art coffee enjoying it in the calm and lovely streets of this wonderful town.


If you would like to have a photoshoot/getaway experience like this one set-up you can contact Miwa Bunny in-world, send an email to contact@miwabunny.com or visit my office at Amber Bay for a full quote.


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