Feliz día de los Reyes

In Mexico we have a tradition. If you saw my post on Twitter about the Guadalupe-Reyes (which generally is a joke) you know that Today, January 6th, marks the end of the holiday season for us. But not the Xmas decoration time, nah that is February the 2nd, aka Dia de la Candelaria.

Anyway. Dia de Reyes is a celebration based on religion and it marks the time the 3-wise-men came to visit the child with gifts, and how do us in Mexico celebrate? EASY, more food, specifically in the form of a Rosca de Reyes. A type of bread that is baked for this one special day, covered in candied dried fruit and sugar patches. Inside the cake, a baby Jesus doll is hidden. Whoever finds the doll is believed to receive good luck but must also host a TAMALES party on Candelaria or Candlemas (February 2nd).

Much like people in the US and a lot of the countries who celebrate Christmas and get gifts and so on, Reyes is the day where we in Mexico give a lot of gifts to children, as a child I remember my parents buying me balloons and we would write a letter to the three wise men to bring us gifts, then on the actual date we would go see family and share a slice of Rosca and get presents. Quite a fun tradition.

This year I had the pleasure of celebrating with some of my close ones, Trystin, Blue, Revna, Lyra and Michi, and I just wanted to share this adorable tradition with all of you. So Happy day of the Kings or Dia de Reyes.

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