MB | Weekend Getaway at Frogmore

The following is a roleplay-story driven post featuring Miwa and Queenie (pronouns he/they) on a weekend adventure in one of the many available destinations in Second Life. A review of the sim and experience can be found after the story.

There are moments in life where we all get tired of life, the hectincness of work, all the people, the city, the clubs, you know sometimes this Second Life of us can be just too much. And when that happens I am always so thankful for destinations like Frogmore. Places that seems perfectly stuck in time where rest is everything there is to it.

The basics: Where did we go this time?

Frogmore is a town located in the coasts of England. Reachable by ferry through Gurnsey or Calais in France. A little island with around 6000 years of history as one of the major ports for commerce in the region.

The weekend

Queenie and I have been excited about taking a trip together and when this opportunity presented itself, BOOM we took it. He kept joking that he just got in my suitcase and I ended up bringing him along, but in reality he wanted to go and how can I say no to his cute wittle face?

We flew into Paris on Thursday and by Friday we were already in Calais where we took a ferry that dropped us in the coasts of Frogmore, Miss Ridge was already waiting for us and in the most quaint and adorable twist of fate we were shown to the house Tolla had prepared for us in a carriage! Pretty cool, right?

The streets of this pictoresque town were a combination of old cobbled streets covered with moss and time and dirt roads that have been carved through years of history in this place. The sounds of goats, sheep and ducks surrounding us. The old bridge with the watchtower still standing as a memory of the times and history this place has. Everything was so adorable, sadly we were completely done with travelling by the time we got to the home, we were so tired that all we could do is munch on the sandwiches Miss Ridge made us and fall asleep.

Saturday morning was the time we took advantage to go and explore the space as it was the only free time we would get between the work commitments we had and our excitement for exploring. So we took to town with our trekking outfits on and the drone so it could help us capture some of the pictures. We visited the little bakery where we got some pie and they offered us a typical English breakfast, which we did not deny. Eating it outside in the square with some nice tea and biscuits that wer just PERFECTION!

By the time we finished Nova was already calling because we needed to head to the place of the shoot we were scheduled to do, so yay work time! The house they selected was just the most adorable old English style home. The backyard though were they set up everything for the shoot was just perfection. A very small. very quaint little place where you could enjoy the breeze.

They fitted us with our dresses by ERSCH (currently at Collabor88) and the cutest big hats that we were dying for! While taking the pictures the wind even decided to come visit and made the umbrella fabric they added for effect blew in the most adorable way, which made for the perfect photo finish moment! And Queenie even got his moment, where the photographer asked him to please pose while I was fixing a drink.

After we finished the photoshoot the team, Queenie and I headed to the small cafe set up in the square close to the place of the photoshoot. We were all having such a fun time that it seemed like time stopped for a moment as we ate some traditional shepherd’s pie and some wonderful French wine while admiring the scenery of Frogmore.

We ended up the day doing some sightseeing after that and taking a few pictures of this gorgeous town, I’ve added them below:

On the final day, before we were picked up to go back to France and then home we decided to have breakfast in a little B&B we found the previous night. We also took advantage and took some promo pictures for the Mamere beer they sent me so kindly as one of my many sponsors, only this time it was Queenie who did the modeling.

Beer by Mamere

Overall my experience in Frogmore and doing this fashion shoot was absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much to ERSCH and Mamere for allowing me to do this and for letting me travel with my darling child Queenie. I have added pictures of the home and some extras below.

The review: Frogmore and Frogmore Cottage Destination

Frogmore is the child of Tolla Crisp with the help of landscaper and decorator Dandy Warhlol (in-world Terry Fotherington) in the Frogmore and Frogmore Cottage regions in the virtual world/metaverse Second Life.

Located and built in two full sims this space features a wonderfully and rich building very in tune with the Cottagecore vibes that have been in bloom lately. This place along with Yorkshire, Yorkshire Dales, and Cornwall all share a common culture and history dating back 6000 years. Frogmore brings all it together in feels of the Cornish ports, deep hills of the shires, pubs that are hundreds of years old, vintage antique shops and milliners, cafes, bakeries, orangery, and even lush beaches with reminders of a time dating back to the 14th century when Silas Finn roamed the ports at night with smuggled goods including rum and silks. The Ghost of Finny can often be seen about Finnygook Cove and of course right here at Frogmore and Frogmore Cottage.

I was approached by them after my piece from Sainte Rose asking if I would consider doing a piece for this space, after visiting of course I said yes!

Frogmore is divided in 2 regions, Frogmore that is a place where photography and visits are encouraged and the recently opened Frogmore Cottage where living spaces are up for rent for people to live in an already enriched and wonderfully crafted and decorated area. (At the time of this post being written ALL parcels have been rented.)

Special notes about the rentals: these spaces are placed but not decorated. The owner is always more than available to help decorate the spaces and change, move things around without hesitation. The parcel shown on this post is called Daylilly and all the decor inside was made by Tolla Crisp while the landscaping was done by Terry.

Talking to the owner they mention a few extra things to note.

  1. There tends to be a few events here and there, but depends on schedule/availability.
  2. Tolla is always available for consultation and decor services (for an additional fee) please contact Tolla Crisp in-world for a full quote.

If you would like to have a photoshoot/getaway experience like this one set-up you can contact Miwa Bunny in-world, send an email to contact@miwabunny.com or visit my office at Amber Bay for a full quote.


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  1. Thank you Miwa for this wonderful blog for Frogmore. Your writing and creativity is really amazing and we so enjoyed having you!! merci mon ami ‚̧


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