Midnight Order Coven

“Yuki: Mom can I go to the coven?
Mom: Yes, but take your baby sister with you.”

This is exactly the feeling I ended up getting after Yukio and I finished the photoshoot to showcase her new release for Midnight Order. Looking through the pictures she looks like a badass witch and me, I look like the baby sis she was forced to drag to the Coven.

♡ [Seydr] Vegvisir Makeup
// Includes Face, Lips, Fingers, Tattoo and Full Face Makeup Layers
// Available at Midnight Order on July 20th

♡ {Petrichor & ERSCH} Gaelinne Outfit [On Yukio] Gradients
// Available at Petrichor's Mainstore as part of The Ephiphany July Round

♡ {Petrichor & ERSCH} Zarys [On me] Solids Pack
// Available at Midnight Order on July 20th

♡ The Bearded Guy - Glorious Rave Backdrop
// Available at Mainstore

A part of me cannot help but laugh when this happens, but then there’s the other side of me that kinda enjoys this small differences, because here is the thing… we are wearing skins made by her, along with her makeup and her horns. Clothing is from the same brands, just different releases. What changes is shape, face/bento heads and I think that is what makes SL and the vast amount of creations available such a wonderful thing. We can take and wear exactly the same thing and still it looks like two completely different people.


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Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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