MBS | Head in the Clouds

I got to hang out with bestie and child over the past weekend and it was genuinely fantastic. But there was one special day where we sat down and decided to take pics while wearing Bewitched’s new Dastardly Skunks.

We decided to do this while putting our head in the clouds (thanks to MJ). So we took it to the special corner and started talking about life, the moon, the power exchange in high ranking druid magic and of course cute mods in SL!

♡ Bewitched - Dastardly Skunk [Onyx] on Miwa (right)
♡ Bewitched - Dastardly Skunk [Bronzite] on Queenie [left]
// Available on Marketplace
// Take into account that additional parts are required.
// Includes modding ressources and body parts notecard.

♡ Candy Kitten - So Hot Outfit on Queenie
♡ Candy Kitten - So Hot Shorts + Plush Studios. Nia Top on Miwa.
♡ Doe. - Arianna Hair

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Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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