MB | Weekend Getaway at Sainte Rose Sur Mer

The following is a roleplay-story driven post featuring Miwa and Lyra on a weekend adventure in one of the many available destinations in Second Life. A review of the sim and experience can be found after the story.

Of the many things I enjoy doing in my free time, taking some time away from the busy and hectic work that blogging, managing and training life is to force Lyra to take some time off and drag her with me to weekend adventures is probably in my top 5.

Basically after she helped a great friend over at a wrestling show on Tuesday and the dawn broke, Lyra was finally done with her training schedule, after some media promo, photos and more I decided it was time we did some R&R and we headed to the South of France. Sainte Rose to be exact.

The basics: Where did we go this time?

Sainte Rose sur Mer is a small cliff town located in the South East of France by the Mediterranean sea. Accesible only by boat, this small comunity features a variety of activities as well as little hidden secrets waiting to be discovered.

The weekend

We landed on the tarmac in Nice on Friday and headed towards the marina to pick up the boat that our host had kindly prepared for us. Luc was always a good friend to me while I lived in Nice so of course we had to go back and visit him with a more, relaxing idea in mind. Upon arrival, you are met by the beautiful architechture. Some of it looks run down but not uncared for. The habitants of Sainte Rose take extra pride in that old-ish look that differentiates them from the rest.

The combination of the cobbled streets, with the small alleys, nicks and turns made this experience all the more fascinating. Everything about this small town just feels like a sort of fortress that slowly evolved from medieval times into a modernized cottage-fair looking postcard. Absolutely stunning in every corner you visit.

First we headed for the villa, a small “little” house by the cliff that the locals commonly referred to as “bleu paradis” or blue paradise in English. We dropped our things in the bedrooms, checked around the house, we were informed of the little kinks it had, like we had to tap on some of the tubes here and there to get water running or how we had to make sure the gas was turned on from the outside before attempting to start the stove. You know the funny little things.

After all of this was out of the way, we were pretty out of it all. So we decided to just make our way to bed and explore the next day.

On Saturday, we decided that the best thing we could do with the one full day we had available was to visit the town and discover the little things. We headed into town through the cobbled streets and ended up in what seemed to be a small artist market. Filled with art and of course with a few coffee and patisserie stands, we grabbed some and sat by the small venue listening to music and just relaxing.

After a while we decided to head to a pizzeria called “Tavola Calda” that one of the artists in the area recommended. There we got a nice margueritta pizza that we ended up deciding to take back to the villa because SOMEONE suddenly had an urge to get back to training. We are not saying names here, LYRA!, but you know, an athlete’s body never seems to want to rest.

While Lyra took her little break to work out I decided to visit one of the beaches that seemed to be less frequented by tourists because it is on the Villa side of the island. This is a small natural pool that rested between the cliffs and the town, isolated enough that you could listen to the sound of the sea and the animals around it, but quiet enough to concentrate. I think I ended up taking a nap there. Added a picture of the other beach in the town.

I ended up doing some sightseeing after that and taking a few pictures of this gorgeous town, I’ve added them below:

On the final day, before we were picked up by Luc to head back to Amber Bay, we took a nice little breakfast by the pool and enjoyed relaxing in the water.

Breakfast foods courtesy of Mamere and Fancy Decor.

The review: Sainte Rose Sur Mer Destination

Sainte Rose Sur Mer is the child of landscaper and decorator Dandy Warhlol (in-world Terry Fotherington) in the Sereno Bay region in the virtual world/metaverse Second Life.

Located and built in a half sim this space features a wonderfully and rich building very in tune with the mediterranean style of the South East of France.

My overall experience in this sim was fantastic, this place is not heavily centralized in hosting events constantly, like other places do but seems to be more focused on the overall look and ‘vacation’ idea rather than providing a club experience.

The many places featured in these images are accesible to everyone, best way to do so is walking and discovering all the little hidden secrets. Villas are made available to rent for anyone visiting. They have a bar/venue called BarDeco where all type of events can be hosted.

There are three villas up for rent available in the destination.

  • Bleu Paradis (featured) with a cost of L$1,595 per week for 280 prims.
  • Paradis Bikini with a cost of L$2,295 per week for 437 prims.
  • La Falaise Paradis with a cost of L$1,895 per week for 360 prims.

Special notes about the villas: these spaces are already placed but not decorated. Some of them feature outside/patio furniture and a kitchen, but that is it. If you are looking to rent in this space you will need to consider decorating and setting up before even coming here. I would say rent the space at least for 2 weeks to prepare, decorate and have the whole experience set up. Or hire someone (like me) for an experience/photoshoot set-up.

It is also worthy of mention that renting is fairly easy but once you do you will need to contact him for a group invite, depending on time he might be available (European Time Zone).

Talking to the owner they mention a few extra things to note.

  1. There tends to be a few events here and there, but depends on his schedule/availability.
  2. Depending on his workload/availability he may able to offer his decorating services (contact Terry Fotherington for full quote and availability).

If you would like to have a photoshoot/getaway experience like this one set-up you can contact Miwa Bunny in-world, send an email to contact@miwabunny.com or visit my office at Amber Bay for a full quote.


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