MIWABUNNY | La Magnifique Croc (Review)

And they say by the river there is a Speakeasy, ruled by the largest croc madame in this side of the Swamp.

Always dressed in black, with an unforgiving smile and a set of pearls that wring her neck.

If you ever need help, she is the one that may take pity on you and offer a helping hand, but remember nothing is free in this world, and she for sure will make you pay.

Style info can be found on Flickr

And BeSpoke did it again. Their newly released Crocodile Gus head, don’t let the name fool you it comes fitted for female necks too, is yet another great example of how monsters can be fashionable too. I mean, when styled outside of the monster world.

So let’s get into the basics. Currently released at The Warehouse Sale for their June 2022 round at a 25% discounted price of L$1,500 and it comes with the following:

  • Head in two (2) sizes with options for female neck, male neck and neckless.
  • Skins for female and male. Only one (1) color (natural).
  • Mesh eyes fitted to the head in normal and larger sizes.
  • Crocodile eyes in one color (green).
  • Teeth fitted to both the larger and normal size croc head.
  • Textures for the Bento Crocodile Tail by Zigoton (sold on Marketplace separately).

BeSpoke also released seven (7) extra skin colors that are sold separately and can also be found at the event at a cost of L$600 each and L$2,250 for the fatpack.

From left to right: Fatpack, Adobe, Albino, Black, Grassland, Lurker, Nile and Saltwater.

So the review. I only took four of my five criteria into account, ease of use, compatibility, quality and customizability. I left cost v benefit out because I think this is definitely something you need to value for yourself seeing how much you would use it.

This head is NOT for those of you looking a softer, anime or cartoonish look. It is a very realistic looking mesh head that has the roughness of a crocodile etched into it. If you want something softer you might find better luck finding the Bea inspired head.

It is incredibly easy to set up but as a downside you do require to buy the tail separately from another creator. I would also add that you require some knowledge of modding to use this particular feature. A notecard with information for the tail is included in the pack.

In terms of quality, it is fantastic, the head, the teeth and skins are gorgeous. Only thing I would have liked is to have matching materials for the bodies. In the image I went with the BLAXIUM Ice Body Shine that seemed to do the trick, though probably their Sweaty one would work wonders too for the body to match the shine in the head. Yes the head comes with a preset shine and if you are not rocking any shines on your body a separation will be seen. So take this into account.

I tested the head’s female fit (compatibility) with eBody REBORN, INITHIUM Kupra, Legacy Classic and Perky, Maitreya and Kahlene Erika and with all of them it fit perfectly on the neck. Only issue is the shine (as mentioned above) and the fact that you cannot really wear hair with it.

Currently the head is not customizable beyond what the creator offers. It cannot be resized and mo dev kit has been made available as of the time this review was posted (June, 27 2022). However the head comes mod/copy/no trans so there’s some room for customization once the devkit is made available (as BeSpoke usually does).

The Rating

Ease of use: 4/5 momos. Because you require some knowledge of modding and the tails is sold separately.

Compatibility: 4/5 momos. Fits all bodies I tested, but is hard to put hair on this.

Customizability: 3/4 momos. No devkit for now and requires knowledge of modding to modify the existing head.

Quality: 5/5 momos. It is just a gorgeous looking head.

Personal opinion:

If you want something different that is out there to match your style or you just enjoy being weird because this is SL I say go for it. I love how this looks, how different this head is and honestly, how out there it is. Just something different that can be styled for different situations.


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