I love creating new avatars and when one of your friends decides that we are going to start having #Raturday you can bet I will look into creating something! So please, meet Allegra my albino witchy rat. Inspired by the witch/mystical aesthetic, Allegra loves everything whimsical and pastel with black!

Backdrop: LeGrand Backdrop – The Bearded Guy @ Eclectic Event until July 15thMainstore | Marketplace ]

Now what is #Raturday? Well my long time friends Squid and Timbre decided to create an event on Saturday for all of us lovers of Rat Mods and all about #RatEnergy!

Image courtesy of Squid

So on Saturday we had RATURDAY with DJ Neko and DJ Nonny that made being in a super decked out sewer all the better for us rats! Here’s an extract of the party and fun times on this wonderful #Raturday!

Style info:

Clothing: imbue. taylah skirt – white + imbue. elsie sheer crop – flames black [ Mainstore ]

Jewelry: Vibing – Witchy Collar + Kaia Rings [ Mainstore ]

Hair: OPALE – Denis Hair [ Mainstore ]

Shoes: Kottr Darks with Custom Texture by Myself [ Mainstore ]

Head: Happy Paw – Deer Head [ Marketplace ]

Skin/Mod: Stellarium – Custom Rat Mod [ Mainstore | Marketplace ]

Body: Legacy


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