“I dreamt of finding people from all over the world and being friends, the dreams have come true and it is all based around a silly little open world video game I call home named Second Life.”

Miwa Bunny

Video Premieres 10am Second Life Time

We all want to feel heard, validated, cherished, loved. We all dream of what we can and will do when we grow up, and then things happen. And most of the time we grow out of those dreams, but some of them come true and some of them surpass reality.

I started my Second Life journey over 12 years ago, a simple avatar and flexi prims with drawn clothes over my body. I built a name for myself. Opened and closed a store. Became a published writer in-world that later became a RL magazine. I took silly photos of friends, for magazines like Maniera, Avenue, BOSL and many more that came and went. I became a demoness, a furry, a corgi, a human and a zombie and now I am running my own business helping creators in Second Life and online to live their best life by becoming their social media manager; and all those achievements are NOTHING compared with the over 1000+ lives I’ve come across, that have, in one way or another, marked my journey, formed my character and turned me into the person I am today.

*This* is an open letter to my friends.

The friends I made in a silly little online world, where connections are fast and deep. Where I have come to appreciate some and shed tears for others. Where I have learned to laugh until I have to get up to try and catch my breath. Where I have created bonds that make me feel so comfortable about sharing my face, my body and my RL with some, very few, of them. This is a list of people who are near and dear to me.

I am sorry in advance if I could not add everyone on the special mentions of the video, but please know, you are very loved and cared for and there’s a place in my heart for you mentioned here!

To the ones that stayed true to this day, people like Nox Deigan (sister), Topaz Joubert, RiccoRacerFlux (brother), Wicca Merlin (sister) and Redclaw Inshan (brother), Carley Bennazzi (bestie and spokesmodel), Markski Glom (nephew), Ruvilyn Gatchie (niece), Celeste (I love you, you inspiring bean), Inu (bestie, I love you), Paradox (best daughter), Chozen, Kwala (and Charles, you all better love my grandbaby!), Alyx J. Knightmare (bestie and badass wrestler), Nhyxi (Spousu 5ever NARUTOOOOOO), Lyra Phoenix (bestie, bidness pardner and baws), Yukio (forever married but not really), Neko (Cherished), Lichi Moonwall and Sami (porque saben que se les quiere y un CHINGO!), Hikaru Enimo and Marcus Lefevre (for all the years filled with fashion and love), Hammerino (peanut butter *giggles*), Kat Monroe (still angy at you punching Lyra, but not really. Proud of you! Also SORRY!), Kyle (GIMME THE BEANS!), Clemmie my love, Kaz (friend for over 12 years), Pam Astonia (forever inspiration), Soraya (legendary!) and Mud of Bespoke (for believing in my silly little talent).

To the new friends we made along the way. Charlie Covfefe, Sanctifer (Sexy and very talented French Snek), Emms of QE (for believing in me), Dylan Mattel, Squid and Timbre, Haiden (sorry I did not include you in the video. AM SORRY!), Saphy Taffy, Nykhyha or Lady N, Buck and Bia, Sandaris, Cammy, Riv (love you), Marlowe and Macchi (SECURITYYYY), Vix, Corbin, Rather, Lexi, Az and Lilith, Suda and Terra, Peppershark, Slight and Kay, Semantha, Sif, Maxine (Adorable person!), Paige (best yeen wafer forever), Soso (adorbs) and Akio (siempre importante, siempre especial), Meg (I love you), Gloria, Umbie (crazy dahling), Revel-dious (my darling enby musical soulmate), Morgan Jones, Henry Parker, Ren Blackheart, Strikira, Shango (you furry Hammer), Allaria and Jax, Kito and Leslie, Pads, Coche, Andi, Queenie Pancake, Freya (sweet girl), Vogo aka Vega, Ash (bootttyyyy), Strawberry (inspiration), Aine (best bunbun enby), Alex (Queen!), Dahriel, Skip Staheli (Staheloooo), Falbala Fairey, CC Teardrop (waifu!), Isabis (twinsie), Skoll, Wren, Barbie, BigJohn, Blackliquid Tokyoska (forever muse), Miamai, Mila Tatham, Chopsy Bode, DraaDraa, Dillon, Luna, Ghost (Rain), Kurama, Amai, Drewski (THE Voice), Eshi Otaware (Legendary Designer), Genna Praga, Kane, Nova, Kay Fairey, Kristen, Mae, RyeShure, Miaa Rebane, Anaya, RavenSkye, SAO, Sarco, Sista and Leon, Lhor and Mars, Mibby and Sylas, Systi and Syanne, Tracy (The bad apple), Honey Bender, Zarasuto and Zoya.

To all of these people, and to the many more that left, moved on or simply our journey ended. I need to say:

Thank you!

Thank you for being a part of who I am, in one way or another, for helping me become a better person. For helping me be the best version of myself. Thank you all so much. And here is to MANY more years together and sharing!

This very silly video I made with just a few of them that I was able to get together in 48 hours is just a huge thank you also a way for me to just be silly because:

“Do you remember

The 21st night of September…”

Earth, Wind and Fire.

backdrops not listed in video order.
Allaria - Revenge *RARE* - Neon Drive - The Bearded Guy
Pepper - 1990 Fresh - The Bearded Guy
Buba - Suryc Day - Unconditionally - The Bearded Guy
Alex Guy Bunny - Night - Ritmo Baby - The Bearded Guy
Jax Allaria - Redvorart - Vida Erotica - The Bearded Guy
Jax - Red Care - Porn Frequencies - The Bearded Guy
Az + Lilith - Travel Noir - Dark Vision - The Bearded Guy
Lilith - Religion - Dark Vision - The Bearded Guy
Az - Dark Garden - Dark Vision - The Bearded Guy
Kyle SharkCat - Of The - Ritmo Baby - The Bearded Guy
Ray - Portal - Nobody Lights - The Bearded Guy
Inu - White Snow Lighting Room Backdrop - The Bearded Guy
Markski - Black Cage - Gold Plated - The Bearded Guy
Markski + Ruvi - Black & Gold Hall - Gold Plated - The Bearded Guy
Ruvilyn - Going To Heaven *RARE* - Gold Plated - The Bearded Guy
Alyx - Hawaii Cian Backdrop - The Bearded Guy
Cammy - Blue Residency - Galactic Vibes - The Bearded Guy
Aris - Hipster Warehouse - Galactic Vibes - The Bearded Guy
Kito - Rose Holidays *RARE* - Sweet Dark - The Bearded Guy
Squid - Room - Neon Drive - The Bearded Guy
Lexidia - The Black Light - The Bearded Guy
Yukio - Hikaru Metro Backdrop - The Bearded Guy
Kwala - The Red Zone - The Bearded Guy
Sapphy - Life *RARE* - Nearby Voids - The Bearded Guy
Neko - Together Neon - The Bearded Guy
Strawbabie - White Stars - Sweet Dark - The Bearded Guy
Sapphy + N - Future - Nearby Voids - The Bearded Guy
N - Dreams - Nearby Voids - The Bearded Guy
Vogo - La Construccion - The Bearded Guy
Wicca - Concrete Jungle Backdrop - The Bearded Guy
Aine - Body Funk - Neon Machine - The Bearded Guy
Shango - Bien Suelta - Dakiti Nights - The Bearded Guy
Rather - Pinky Home - Galactic Vibes - The Bearded Guy
Hammer - Me Entere - Dakiti Nights - The Bearded Guy
Para - This Is - Ritmo Baby - The Bearded Guy
Ash - Cute Things - Neon Drive - The Bearded Guy
Corbin - Heaven Bar *RARE* - Galactic Vibes - The Bearded Guy
Chozen - Ritmo *RARE* - Ritmo Baby - The Bearded Guy
Michelle - Venus Neon - Synth Days - The Bearded Guy
Dap - Amor Roma White - The Bearded Guy
Sanctifer - I Wanna Choke - Some Hoes - The Bearded Guy
Nhyxi - Sin City Backdrop - The Bearded Guy

Shot completely in Firestorm Viewer, Ultra settings in Annan Adored Darkness and Midnight Environment with BLAXIUM -Body Lights- Colored (available @ WCF) and added lights in purple and pink.

Video dedicated to Juliette Lord. May you smile down upon us and that we all make you proud. I love you!


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