BEACH PAWTY @ Sylvania Square!

Image courtesy of Sylvania Square | Photo taken by Celeste UwU

If there is something I throroughly enjoy is a good pawty or party, and let us be honest here, the best ones are held at Sylvania Square.

So yesterday, just like any Friday that is coming, Sylvania held the BEACH PAWTY event, a EDM, 4 hour long party with 2 of the most badass DJs in their staff, and they rotate. So OF COURSE Alyx, Nhyxi and I had to stop by and let our hair (and booties) down!

DJ Nonny started this whole party with one of the most epic hardstyle-random epicness in the grid that had us all dancing to his badass phat beats! Here’s a small sample!

Amd when all of us thought we were done and tired, we were once again wounded up by the soothing vibes that DJ Lilly provided for us, a mixture of retrowave and chill with the most chill disco retro vibes, boy we were on CLOUD 9 and not wanting to calm down, being honest took me a few minutes to finally wind down and get to sleep. Here’s an extract of that badass set!

And no, this is not me being biased, being a DJ and resident there at all, this is me being real. Going to a party in Sylvania feels like coming home, no matter how much you stay away or if you just discovered them the whole team REALLY makes you feel welcomed. If you want to experience community, human and furry alike, Sylvania is the place for you!

CONNECT WITH SYLVANIA SQUARE! | Website | Twitter | In-world


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Deer Eyes: Lovely Mi – Custom Coloring [ Mainstore @ Sylvania Square ]

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