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The following is a roleplay in-character post about the wrestling personas Lyra Phoenix (wrestler) and Miwa Bunny (her manager) try to look at it through those eyes.

After the smashing success that Lyra has been in Honor Pro Wrestling, more and more calls have been pouring in, from requests for interviews, to special requests for meet and greets and appearances, but I think the one that got both of us the most excited was receiving a product inspired by Lyra Phoenix herself from the wonderful Tristyn Mills of PANIQ.

He got a special edition of their best selling Cat Lashes Sunglasses with #Dawnbreaker’s colors, like for real, best gift ever! Lyra on her end enjoyed the framing, the color fade Tristyn chose and they fit our faces so well that OF COURSE we decided to call on the team over at my studio MBS and make an ad.

Upon reaching out to Tristyn I informed him of a time and sent a message to the Lyra Phoenix Fan Club where we raffled off 3 VIP experiences to members of the Fan Club to be present at the video shoot.

BTS: Behind the Scenes

Honor Pro Wrestling
// Infinity Show every Tuesday @ 6pm SLT
// Visit here

Join Lyra’s Fan Club Group in-world for an opportunity to win a meet and greet with Lyra and Miwa!


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