MIWABUNNY | Some Old Hollywood Glamour | Dance Video

With Kim K on everyone’s mouth about wearing Marylin’s iconic dress to the MET Gala 2022 and the very divisive opinions the fashion world and the vintage fashionistas are having on social media like Tiktok and Twitter, I couldn’t help but think of how could I incorporate some of that old hollywood glamour into a blog or dance video.

♡ ::Static:: Static Parasthesia {eReborn} Black/White // Available at Abnormality: Electro Rage
♡ [n.a.p] Sodapop Eyes - 05 // Available at Abnormality: Electro Rage
♡ [n.a.p] Assimilation Tears 08 - Full
♡ DOUX - Tisianna Hairstyle
♡ MUSE - Stroke of Midnight - Bodysuit
♡ :[P]:- Vaera Nails [eBody Reborn]
♡ Lovely Mi - Nude Nails for :[P]:- Vaera Nails
♡ Vibing -- Ciara rings -- Silver
♡ Short Leash - Demure Collar // Available at Mainstore

Enter Static and Not A Peep and their Abnormality releases. I got the item without looking up the ad first, I just always love blogging whatever these both creators do for all the events I am a part of. But the moment I wore them… I realized I got what I wanted. My very own version of that Old Hollywood Glamour ideal that was buried in the back of my mind.

And so fueled by Ibuprofen and daydreaming brought about because of a fever, thank you allergies for that wonderful gift (I guess), I got to work on a look that satisfied me.

I think the hardest part of this whole thing was deciding on a song that was not too old, or burlesque. A song that said “yep am old times, but also new wave transcendence awesomeness” LOL. I know I am very weird. This thinking led me to shuffle my Spotify and in comes Dimie Cat. I knew what I had to do and finally got on the way.

CreditsParagon Dance Animations - Sara Dance Heels Pack, Kayla Heels Dance Pack,  Jortay Heels Dance Pack and Andrea Club Gogo Dance Pack // Available at MainstoreThe Bearded Guy - Good Boy Hall - Fake Love Backdrops // Available at Mainstore
♡ MAZE.mods - O-Ring Garter for Soft Thighs (eBody Reborn) // Currently Available at eBody Reborn Event
♡ CryBunBun - Tamed Sweetie Stilettos // Available currently at Kinky Event
♡ {moss&mink} Tufted Chaise (PG)
♡ Music: Dimie Cat - Everybody Wants to be a Cat ♡

This is probably one of my favorite videos I’ve made. I hope you enjoy it too!

Electro Rage 2022 by Abnormality Event 
/// May 7-28
/// Website
/// Twitter

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