Of the many things we do when we are not plotting corgi domina… I mean, furthering Team Wildfire or Wrestling, Lyra Phoenix and I spend some time together being the bestest friends we can be. So here’s a few pictures of what we did this past weekend. This… Is a Random Living Blogpost!

Please understand this blog is written as a short story style scenario, in reality we went shopping and I dragged Lyra along and forced her to pose for pics. She went along just fine and consented. No Lyra’s were harmed in the making of this blogpost. Eat them veggies.

Saturday: We decided to go look at contractors for new home-locations for Amber Bay. Some were really high end, but not very vaporwave so we kept looking and finally found this adorable little Asian contractor by the name of Haikei. Everything they make has a very 80s/Retro look which fits more than perfectly at Amber Bay so we went with them and now acquired several “contracts” for new developments at the bay. Fun times!

Photo taken at one of the model homes Haikei offers. Look at us being best besties!

Sunday: Since I dragged Lyra all over on Saturday, she decided that the only true form of payback was to drag me to Team Wildfire’s Gym at Sylvania Square, only a sim hop away from our home. In here, she forced me to get a membership (yes forced) and then she devised a whole plan on how “I” should train. You can already know I cried a lot, but one of the perks… I sneaked some pics of her training. Enjoy.

The thirst is real
Hard Training Backdrop - The Bearded Guy
Oasis Deco Pack - Dumbell L and R
Feeling my corgi excitement yet?

After Lyra murdered me by making me train on Beast Mode (which apparently is the only mode she knows how to train on, darn it Bird of Prey) I dragged her to StarPaws at Sylvania and she got me a pink drink (full of strawbewwys) it was so sweet and yummy and pink, I loved it.

On the other hand, she got a hardcore cold brew vanilla (yes, she only drinks cold coffee, she has 0 chill. Stop standing in her way). I even convinced her to take a picture and she posted it to her Only Phoenix account aka Snapchat. You can see how happy I was and how intense she looks, thinking about what is to come.

Shot at Starpaws Coffee in Sylvania Square
Totally not posed picture. Yup, not posed AT ALL!
CHI - Arcade - Trash + Red Vox
CHI - Windchime (sound)
CHI - Shark Bean Bag - Pink
CHI - Pizza (Retro)
Junk Food - Cheesies Bag + El Taco Box + Candy Bag
llorisen // jens table + chairs
Mithral * Hanger Plant Shelves (White)
Mithral * Small Greenhouse + Stand (White)
{wn} Beer Bottle Decor
[PM]Pixel Mode - The Heights Studio Apartment

So eventually we went back home, we got some CHI Retro Pizza, some JunkFood Cheetos and cola, yes the Bird of Prey does occasionally enjoy some Junk Food. I had the good people of Chi(T) help us install some old-styled arcade games. Lyra enjoys the game TRASH (Trademark Chi) where you play through a maze-styled junkyard playing as a Trash Panda, it’s pretty epic. We finished the day watching Netflix on the other place we have By The Bay and I forced her to watch a shitty movie, which she hated, but we had fun criticizing it.

TV watching credits for this pic found HERE

So yeah, pretty much this was our weekend, we had fun, drank and ate a lot of yummy, both healthy and unhealthy food and did a lot of work in between the fun. I hope that in the future I can bring you more of the Lyra/Miwa Fantastically awesome adventures. See you soon!

Remember to catch Lyra on the upcoming season of Wrestleseries.. I mean the new Virtual Wrestling Entertainment (VWE) edition of Wrestleseries numero 13 starting on December 6th. She will be defending her title against Danni. So yeah go watch my friend or else, no corgi pets for you!

Official Wrestleseries Website: http://www.wrestleseries.com/


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