I really love the idea of shoebox apartments. Small cramped living, making sure you can fit anything in a livable space and make it your own… that’s life. Even in RL, where I live is by no means a big space, it’s small, crowded and absolutely cozy.

Visit BIXIE Event #MadeWithLove
[>Ma'De<] Edreille Full Outfit // Bixie Event Exclusive
Ascendant - Dare Me Nails 01
Vibing -- Galaxy Rings -- Silver
Mellow / Dermals / Hips
/Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh Mesh Hair - Jellyfish
alaskametro<3 "Babygoth" makeup palette - lipstick 05
Lovely Mi - Eyeshadow pink
Tattoo Rising Sun 2.0_GoK (soft)
CHI - Weed Stash

This is why I find it perfect when I find places like this in Second Life, the smaller and more livable, the better. There’s a special kind of love for me in these places. It’s just simply perfect. This time the space is The Apartments, a venue inspired by Cyberpunk/Japanese/Grunge aesthetics with LOTS of cats and here is where I ended up shooting this week’s blog for BIXIE Event.

Visit The Apartments
BIXIE Event #MadeWithLove 
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