So you’ve come…

I know I am very late to the party but in this case… I had a lot going on behind the scenes that prevented me from even getting inspired. It has been hard. Not going to lie, but I finally got the inspiration to sit down and get a styling for this cute releases from Cubic Cherry, AERTH, Seydr and Evil Baby.

So here we go! YAY! Fantasy Faire WOOOO!

Credits:[Cubic Cherry] {RA-LA} head
// Wearing the BROKEN version
// Modifiable bases so it is highly compatible with other bodies.
// Exclusive release for Fantasy Faire 2023

♡ [AERTH] Dominos Regalia Cloth Flexi Aurora
// Special release for Fantasy Faire 2023

♡ .Evil Baby. - Aether Queen Arms & Legs - Aegaian
// Special Charity Item for Fantasy Faire 2023
// Rigged for eBody Reborn

♡ [Seydr]  Astrocartograph Aura - Center
// Exclusive release for Fantasy Faire 2023
All items found on the Szystrum Synod sim at
Fantasy Faire 2023

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Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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