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It is about that time again and that means Abnormality is just around the corner… more like in just a few days! Mark the date because we will be seeing some amazing content from a myriad of designers. But to start… a new one I came accross.

I have never heard of this creator but by gosh I am glad I came accross them because the content they made for Abnormality is GORGEOUS!

The release is named the SHX – Primordial Aequor and it is a BOM release for the Cerberus Selachi/Morpha Heads, so yay more shorks, it is dark and has what seems to be a luminiscence detailing on it (the actual skin/mod) with textures for the ears and a HUD for the head, this was such a pleasant surprise.

♡ [The Cat Hat] SHX - Primordial Aequor (BoM Mod)
// Made for the Cerberus Selachi/Morpha heads and tail (sold separately)
// Exclusive release for Abnormality: Primordial
// Opening on May 7th

♡ ERSCH - Reya Bodysuit and Headpiece
// Part of a Gacha Style System
// Available at Mainstore

♡ AMITOMO - That's Me - HAIR SIZE3 
You can get this mod from THE CAT HAT on May 7th
at Abnormality Primordial

Abnormality Event

// May 7-28, 2023
// Coming Soon
// Twitter
// Website


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