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I know, I know. I have not been around for a time with Photography information and while 2023 is marking a new time for me to move from previous endeavours, it is also the time for renewals of projects, so you will see a new slew of my tutorials on how to do several things in SL.

For this one, I chose to purchase and review the EVERMORe Photosphere Backdrop, currently available at their mainstore.

The basics

Images from EVERMORE’s Twitter
Images from EVERMORE’s Twitter

The EVERMORE – Backdrop Photospheres are available at their Mainstore for L$150 and it includes:
♡ 3 Photospeheres (Geometric A, Geometric B and Sphere).
♡ 1 pack of pre-textured photospheres (needs to be unpacked) in Baby Blue, Beachy, Blue, Blush, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Sunny, Sunset, White, YGreen for each one of the Geometric spheres
♡ 1 notecard with examples of past use.
♡ 1 notecard with instructions on how to get started about adding and resizing.

All of the spheres can be resized and are modify.

The Review

To start, the item is extremely open to use. You attach it to unpack, go to your inventory and wear/add. A photosphere works wonders when you are trying to keep things looking the same all the time, perfect for things like vendor images or blogging.

You require basic knowledge of how to use projectors and environments, because the sphere is meant to work with those and they will modify how the light shines on it, just like in regular photography.

The item is not HUD driven, so it is completely up to you if you choose to used the pre-colored spheres or you choose to mod/color them yourself.

Other than what I mentioned before, I think this is a wonderful addition to any photographer and brand. It’s easy to use, easy to setup and doesn’t take anything extra besides knowing how to work your magic.

If you are someone very new to SL Photography I would suggest you check out some of the video tutorials made by many great individuals or ask around, most people enjoy sharing information and tips on how to improve.

EVERMORE Mainstore | Twitter | Flickr


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