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The following is a roleplay in-character post about the wrestling personas Lyra Phoenix (wrestler) and Miwa Bunny (her manager) try to look at it through those eyes.

This week was one of rest for us, but seems that while we were taking a rest in our favorite French destination, someone over at Allure Magazine decided to write a piece about Lyra and myself, which is definitely an absolute honor.

Here is the transcript:

#Dawnbreaker: The Return of Lyra Phoenix
By Victoire Renier

On August 2nd Miwa Bunny showed up at Honor after Agent Ray made an open challenge, and who does she introduces? The one and only Lyra Phoenix.

A few months ago hints started to appear in social media about #Dawnbreaker and a countdown to go along. Little did the fandom know that it would be the one and only wrestling legend, Lyra Phoenix who would be nehind the teasers.

Originally from Liverpool, England Lyra has been in the underground and Pro Second Life Wrestling scene for over a decade. From different promotions to the now reknowned Honor Pro Wrestling; Dawnbreaker has been nothing but a force of nature to be reckoned with.

With only 30 years old, Lyra has done what many wish to do in her lifetime, become an icon in several fields, including her favorite one, wrestling.

Modeling for PANIQ, sponsoring Mamere's Tanuki Beer and ever doing a commercial in the Far East for Tardfish, Lyra seems to be a lot more active than ever before.

And a great deal of that change is the presence of her manager along with a new found fire in her. And I think that is what has caught our attention.

While in the past she has been a great heel, as the Bird of Prey, or a fantasic and inspiring face under the Firebird thoses iterations of her persona were marked by her talent and rifts between her and other wrestlers in other promotions, in other words, a clear path. This time there seems to be an extra edge fueling her presence at Honor and it is unclear what she is after, besides making the roster fear her.

Her appereances in Honor are fueled with an energy unseen in her before, she refuses to talk, her manager seems to be doing the talking while she instead chooses to send messages to the roster with her actions.

What is Lyra specifically after? No one, but her and her manager know but one thing is for certain, Lyra Phoenix is back. In her terms, dancing to her own beat and making every single individual in pro-wrestling fear the ground she walks on, ready to either join her path, or be dawnbroken by her and her manager.

Honor Pro Wrestling
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