Train ride

Sometimes all you wish to do is leave. Leave problems, responsibilities and everything behind. Catch a train, leave for an unknown destination.

♡ Cherry Bunny~ PunkR0 Top - Reborn
♡ Kambriel - Hazel Jeans // Charcoal
♡ BONDI . Silverhand Glasses
♡ .[ KUMIHO ]. Naya Neck Tattoo Evo X BLACK Fresh
// Exclusive items for TOKYO ZERO

♡ Phedora ~ Serj Stomp Boots ~ Ebody Reborn
// Special edition Pastel Color HUD
// Available at Mainstore

♡ Lovely Mi - Catch a Ride Pose
// Not available

♡ RAMA.SALON - Brenda [Colorful Pack]
♡ SEKA's Cyberlita Hand (Legacy Female FIT)
♡ =DAE= Cross Chain Earrings for LEL EVO X
♡ =DAE= Simple knife earrings
Special note:
The Kambriel jeans are fitted to several bodies but only work with the highest tiptoe setting.
The fit with the shoes you see in the image above was achieved through photoshop post-processing.
Please take this into account.

Published by Miwa

Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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