Lovely Silence

I love styling item that can be worn anywhere but still keeping the BDSM style and this type of masks, while in RL they might get you a very awkward look from people, in SL they can be worn fantastically.

♡ [LiLiMD] – Neck Coster MK II
// Comes with RLV enabled.
// Available at Marketplace and Mainstore

♡ #MEWSERY – Retro Crystal Earring – Amethyst
// Available at Mainstore

♡ Lovely Mi – eGirl Aesthethic Pink Eyeshadow 02
♡ Lovely Mi – Lipstick Green
// Currently available at Abstrakt Event

♡ Lovely Mi – Vapor Love 02 Blush
♡ Lovely Mi – Sunny Garden HUD for Petrichor Vaera Nails
// Available at Mainstore and Marketplace

♡ Eshi Otawara – Glam Lash Gold Glitter [mesh item]
// Not currently available anywhere in-world or maketplace.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT LILIMD POSTURE COLLAR: It is very important to mention that this is NOT a rigged item, while it is modifiable this is an item that attaches to your neck and therefore it will clip depending on the pose you choose. There is a neck override and the collar itself is difficult to fit to EVERY head. I tried it with Catwa HD Pro (Sasa and Queen) and with Lelutka Avalon and Ceylon, in both cases with my shape it doesn’t fit perfectly.

The image you see is the result of in-world editing, the use of ANYPose HUD and keeping my avatar in a position that prevented the clipping. Please take this into consideration when/if you plan to acquire this item.

♡ SIXX - Occult Set Bra for eBody REBORN
♡ ROWNE. Nicolas Leather Leggings in ONYX
♡ NIMU - Pristine Eyes Dark Blue (BOM)
♡ [HEAUX] Skin - Tilly in Porcelain
♡ VELOUR Porcelain Skin Tone
♡ RAMA.Salon Brenda Hairstyle
♡ Petrichor Vaera Nails for Female
♡ Vibing - Ciara Rings Silver
♡ Wearing eBody Reborn, Lelutka Avalon head ♡

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