Time is money | IC post

The following is a roleplay in-character post about the wrestling personas Lyra Phoenix (wrestler) and Miwa Bunny (her manager) try to look at it through those eyes.

#Dawnbreaker is BACK! Lyra Phoenix made her debut on HONOR Pro Wrestling last week and this one she of course made a splash… out of Lindsay.

I still cannot believe that good for nothing Falcon tried to catch Lyra off-guard before she went in for her match against Lindsay. The fucking nerve this man had to stop her and try to get an interview for free was beyond me. I was NOT happy!

Time is money and Lyra knows that. And taking time away from her focus to try and snatch a random interview IS NOT part of the deal.

This is why she asked me to manage her day to day since before joining this new federation. From promos to appearances I make sure that everything that is part of her business is A business. Time is money, you know?

The time and effort I put into working out her schedule to fit everything into, from making sure she eats properly to training, to modeling, to appearances, photos and prepping for matches… it is A LOT.

So no FALCON, you do not get a freebie you short stack a-hole!

♡ Lovely Mi - Marble Love Texture HUD for Petrichor Vaera Nails
♡ Lovely Mi - Glitter Me Up! [EVO X] Black
♡ Lovely Mi - Love Blush [EVO X] 04
// Available at Mainstore

♡ Plush Studios. Uma Top and bottoms
♡ *EB* - Fur Jacket - Sand - "Sura"
♡ =DAE= Cross Chain Earrings // Rigged for Lelutka
♡ =DAE= Simple Rimless Glasses
♡ Kibitz - Mystical stars necklace - gold
♡ RAMA.SALON - Brenda Hair

Anyway enjoy this wonderful match (time stamped) and how “wonderful” Lindsay’s effort was in the presence of THE #Dawnbreaker.

Honor Pro Wrestling
// Infinity Show every Tuesday @ 6pm SLT
// Visit here


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