Got to get some Ice Cream with Aris and Cammy today which always makes me happy, and who provided such treat? Well of course MAMERE! Who else. Their food is highly detailed and ADORABLE always so of course I got it!

SPONSORED ITEMS:[Mamere] - White and black cat Icecream // Originally created for Cat Day (Feb. 22nd) in Japan.
♡ [Mamere] - Stand with Ukraine // Free gift for everyone in SL, group needed but they do not have a cost for it.

A message from Mamere Staff:
We strongly protest the Russian aggression. Even if what each one of us can do is limited, we are able to get strong power if we unite our efforts. We stand with Ukraine!
CREDITS:{ Anxious Angel } Elysian Canid (Creme) // BOM mode made for the Sugarcult Fennux Head, Comes with animated mesh tail and ears. Originally made for Abnormality: Euphoria 2022.
♡ Kottr - Klaws Stilletto
♡ Lovely Mi - Sparkle Berrie Textures for Kottr Klaws + Fennux Eyeliner/Eyeshadow
♡ KUNI - Kali Hair
♡ CryBunBun - DameDayo Top
♡ { Vixen } - Brat Collar

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Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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