MBS Blogging in SL | Blogging Basics

Bloggers, we all want them. We all need them. And in a place that is basically run by images and exposure, bloggers become part of the ecosystem that we all thrive in. Some people are artist with the post-processing, some others are just in it for the fun, others, turn it into a business, but in the end, is all about an even exchange between two interested parties.

This is the start of my MBS Blogging in SL series; where I talk about subjects like blogging, how to start, Branding yourself and representation and the social media game.

Please note that these posts first go live on my Patreon and then made available publicly.

Before we start, I have written before about the reality of blogging in Second Life, if you have never seen my post I will link it below. Please go and read in detail before jumping into what I will mention next since we will start from the assumption you read my piece.

MBS | The Reality of Blogging

Before you start

Every blogger, being the brand they want to be should have one place where everything is concrete, it can be a linktree or maybe a carrd, which ever you choose you need to get together a few things:

Link all of your socials where you can be reached/seen there: Depending on which is your focus, you will need to organize it.

Write up your About Me as well as your policies and link them: This will let those that would actually like to read them what you will and will not do.

♡ If you are a NSFW blogger, please mark it as such and make your content be flagged/set up correctly. We all know how the internet is, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to see your bits all the time, be respectful.

♡ Set up a page or list for your sponsors: is the correct thing to do when a collab/partnership happens.

Do I require any photo knowledge?

Yes, this is the bare minimum all places will ask you for, now not all of them have the same requirements and not all of them are looking for a cokie cutter blogger. Basically to become a blogger this is the one thing people will ask of you and regardless of the type of blogger you cjppse to be (yes, even for video bloggers). Good news is, taking pictures is a skill that can be developped over time.

There’s several types of bloggers and how consistent their work is is basically their calling/business card. Think of Francesca Sparrowtree or Gamer Mommy, both edit their pictures and there is a lot of post processing involved. This is their style and is what makes them stand out and being recognized. You can follow them both on Flickr and see how their content is consistent and while it can be at times heavily edited, it places them more on the artistic side of blogging. Beware some NSFW content may appear.

On the other end we have true-to-form blogging, those that do very basic editing and instead rely on setup and in-world lighting and projectors. People like Tristyn Mills, Carley Benazzi, or myself fall within this category; so do people who blog landscaping or decor. It is important to know that there’s different styles and all are valid and wonderful and it is up to whoever chooses to sponsor you to determine if your style is something they like, which is why is important to learn to improve your photography and keep on developping your own style.

If you want to learn more about photography there’s a lot of tutorials about it on Youtube, you can also check several blogs and social media pages for bloggers who constanly post small notes on how to improve photography or you can check our my Photography in SL series coming out later this year.

Ok, got everything on the backend setup, now what?

Once you have decided that you wish to share your style with the world and start to blog you will need to decide on a few things.

What type of Blogger you will be will determine where do you need to put your efforts into and I mean you will need to devote time, effort and in cases money into them.

Photo Blogger

If you chose this path, your best solution is to start setting up your entire brand into the Second Life photo site by preference/popularity that is Flickr.

Get a PRO account – if this will be your focus you will need it to be able to meet requirements of several people, including link sharing.
Join opted-out groups focused on Second Life.
Start posting and make sure you credit down everything you wish to inform your audience about.
Share on the social medias of your choice.

Social Media Blogger

If you chose this path, you will need to focus on a particular social media of your choice, depending on which makes you most comfortable, you will need to start building a following there.

The social medias I recommend for bloggers are Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Make sure you have a secondary space where you can link stuff because depending on your chosen media, some have character limitation, tumblr, wordpress or wix are my recommended sites based on how easy it is to set up,

Video Blogger

If you chose this path, you will need to focus your craft and building on Youtube.

Reason why I recommend YT is because it is the only platform that allows for the use of copyrighted material without much repercusion other than being unable to monetize.

Video blogging is probably one of the hardest paths since growth is mostly done through sharing and other social medias, but you can mix and match elements from other blogging styles and move from there.

Where should I start looking for sponsors?

Honestly, that depends on why you want to blog. Each person has a different motivation to blog, some do it because they want to spend less (which is a valid reason to apply to a brand), some others do it because they just love the brand so much they want to support them and have an even exchange, some others do it because they just want to get their names out there and there’s a few others that blog for the joy of blogging, no sponsors, just pics of their SL.

Depending on which of these fit who you are you will need to start looking accordingly. Here is a list of my recommendations for starting bloggers:

♡ Follow the brands you love in whatever platform you choose or in several, they will usually inform very loudly when a blogger search is undergoing and if you are interested you can apply.
♡ Check out SL Flickr Groups that comprise blogger searches.
♡ Join discords like SL Syndicate, Media-SL or New Release Feed.
♡ Check out Facebook's Page "Blogger Classifieds" they will usually have listed the most recent blogger searches available.
♡ Events are always another great way to start, just make sure you don{t take advantage of what is offered and you follow their rules.
♡ And honestly, just go to their store and see if they have a blogotex access point, sometimes certain brands will have open searches all year round, so it would not hurt to just try. However, be careful on this one, apply once and then leave it, they will inform you when and if you get in, don't pester blogger managers or owners.

While all of the ones mentioned above are great opportunities for you to start and charge forward you will always need to keep in mind one important thing, bloggers answer questions no one ever asked.

Meaning, bloggers in SL put life and soul into what someone else created, they show you the possibilities of what the outfit or a brand could look like and entice you to buy into the brand they represent, some people may never know they wanted something or that something was available until they see it, be it in the creator’s page or on a blogger image. You never know who is watching and who is going to choose to give you a chance.

And remember, you are free to do as you please. This series is meant to be more of an informational post to help anyone wishing to start in the world of blogging.

Next session we will be covering Branding in SL as a blogger and why it is important to pay attention to it, but remember is not everything.

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