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I love Contraption and their BADASS cyber releases, like for example this mask, I believe probably one of my favorite items of them for a long time. So of course I had to dust off badass little Bunn13, my net runner character.

For those of you in my Ko-fi, she is a citizen of the net, had her consciousness transferred from her body to the net and now inhabits several versions and bodies throughout the solar system, basically resleeving each time. This is her cyborg form. A mercenary assassin and runner specializing in taking down corps and space stations.

So this very smol short film (7 seconds long) happened. Featuring Bunny walking towards what seems to be a new victim. Definitely enjoying what she is looking at.

♡ .Tardfish. Butterfly Knife - Black
// Available at Mainstore

♡ Phedora - Ryan Platform Boots
// Available at Mainstore

♡ Seydr - Eyes (to be named)
// Future Release - Stay tuned

Additional Credits:
♡ [ContraptioN] Masks: Gestel Breather *???* mouth A
// Special release for the Warehouse Sale August
// Contraption Mainstore
♡ MIWAS / Mei Belt Jacket #FATPACK
♡ MIWAS / Waist #2 Mid Fishnet tights #Black - BoM
♡ MIWAS / Rei Bra top #Black - Mait
♡ imbue. taylah skirt - maitreya - black
♡ SEKA's Cyberlita Hands
♡ EUTHANASIA - Maitreya Outline
♡ [monso] My Hair - Zero
♡ Skin by Pink Fuel
♡ Bento Mesh Head is LAQ Rina
♡ Mesh Body is Maitreya Lara
♡ .PALETO.Backdrop:.Hallway XH1 (MATERIAL)
♡ FOXCITY - HAVEN 1m Bento Pose (modded with ANYPOSE)
♡ Body Language Walk is 31/BLAOslpWalk03_4
♡ Taken and recorded with Firestorm Viewer ♡
♡ Serial Killer by John Bartmann ♡
Credit Music: https://www.chosic.com/free-music/all/

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Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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