Pink love babe

I have always LOVED face tattoos that make my avatar look like she is ready for a rave and what better way to do this than by wearing AERTH’s stuff mixed with ERSCH clothing.

And this small mix just makes me smile thinking this is like the best thing ever, plus LOOK is all pink and adorable!

The face tat also matches perfectly with the [AERTH] Agito Asenscion Tattoo and my RAMA hair. I squealed!

♡ [AERTH] Seelie Face Tattoo - Synergy 75%
   // Special release for Enchantment, August 2022.
   // Comes in 21 shades for EVO X and SLUV (LLUV)
   // Each comes in 8 intensity versions (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)

♡ ERSCH - Dutchi Bodysuit
   // Special release for Midnight Order, 2022
// Shown on ebody REBORN + Mounds
// Comes rigged for Kupra (original), Lara (flat + regular),
Legacy (classic + perky), ebody (normal + juicy)
   // Available at Mainstore

♡ The Bearded Guy - Pinky You Backdrop
   // Available at Mainstore

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Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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