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Imagine you always lived your life of luxury in one of the best neighborhoods in Mexico City. Your day as a wife consists of waking up, seeing the children to school, checking on your staff to see that the house is running properly, going to the country club, chatting with your bridge group, gossiping about the ‘noveau rich’ that just joined the club, then going shopping to finally come home, put on an apron and pretend you cooked for your husband and children. This was the life of the “Las Lomas” ladies in Mexico 1980s. This old neighborhood was considered upper class in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

A world of shiny plastic, credit cards, fashion imported from the USA, specifically New York, country clubs and lavish parties in a time where Mexico was just entering the spotlight.

Now imagine, on the day of your birthday everything changes, you see a moth on the wall as you wake up, you go try on the perfect dress, you brought back from New York of course, that you will wear on the very lavish party you organized for yourself but you still feel uneasy. This is the start of a Mexican movie based on the book by Guadalupe Loeza by the name “Las Niñas Bien” (The Good Girls). Where Ana Sofía (nicknamed AnaSofi by her fellows) goes through the ups and downs of the 1982 dollar crisis in Mexico. That affected in particular these type of establishments when they were brought to the reality of the middle and lower classes when they lost it all thanks to the crash of the Mexican peso against the US Dollar.

While I do not want to mess with your perspective of the movie more than what I have already said, should choose to watch it. This movie showcases in a wonderful way the fashion, times and that liminality of the 80s that I love so much. In my home, this is the feeling I try to get. Thanks to Mamere and their new cute release I get to show some of that Mexican styled glamour of the 80s in that area of Mexico.

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