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MiwaBunny’s Photography and Videography Info

Photography Services

Yes I am a photographer and have been for over 12+ years in Second Life. While I can do all type of pictures I mostly specialize in Profile Pictures and Ad/Blog images.

Cost will depend on the type of image I am taking, but more or less these would be the costs:

Simple Pictures

Cost for Simple Images with very minimal editing starts at L$1000 per image.

Profile/Edited Pictures

Much more edited and thought out images, costs start at L$2000 per image.

Ref Sheets

Reference sheets are extensive marking not only detail but the character itself, costs for a Refsheet starts at L$3000.

Intro/Promo Video

These are based on project and would need to be discussed before hand. I usually tend to keep this more for Wrestling Intro Videos or Promotional ads for venues/events.

Cost for these start at L$6000 and go up depending on lenght and complexity.

Dance/Individual Videos

These tend to be personal projects but I will gladly take on clients that wish me to bring their videos to life, but again will depend on the project.

Cost for these start at L$3000 for 1 minute, price goes up after that depending on lenght and complexity.

Video Services

As a videographer I specialize in two types of videos and cost will vary depending on your project.

Please consider that if you wish to hire me on a ‘recurrent’ basis, prices marked in any of my services is negotiable but it will need to be discussed and paid in full before work even starts.

Contact Form

Make sure you read my Terms of Service before filling out the form. Click here to review TOS.

“I just love how professional you are.”
Sista Sohl

“I have a brand! Never thought I would be saying that.”
Alyx J. Knightmare

“I didn’t even know Thirst Trapping needed to be scheduled.”
Someone that wishes to remain anonymous

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