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Lovely Mi is a brand established in 2009 by Miwa Bunny in Second Life.

We specialize in high-end fashion and couture makeup BOM and Lelutka Exclusives.

Lovely Mi – Customer Support Form

Have an issue with an undelivered item, an issue with a transaction gone wrong? Please refer to our Customer Support form. Please make sure you have read our policy below.

Turn around time is usually between 24 and 72 hours.

Lovely Mi – Blogger Search

You would like to blog for Lovely Mi? Get the exclusive items? We got you! Just check the requirements and fill out the form.

Please remember Miwa is just coming back, so don’t expect mass releases, just yet. Remember to be a tad patient.

Lovely Mi Store Policy and Information


  • NO REFUNDS FOR DOUBLE PURCHASES. Make sure you do not buy the same item more than once.
  • NO REFUNDS FOR WRONG PURCHASES, please make sure you are buying the right thing.
  • If your item didn’t get delivered, DO NOT BUY the same item again! Check the redelivery terminal.
  • IF A DEMO IS AVAILABLE, ALWAYS TRY IT FIRST! We are sorry but we won’t refund for an item you bought and you don’t like because you didn’t try the demo first.


  • In case of a failed transaction/delivery please visit one of our redelivery terminals placed in our mainstore!
  • If the issue persists or the purchase is not showing up in the Casper Tech Redelivery System, please go to: and fill out the “not delivered” contact form. An answer should arrive within 72 hours or less.


  • If you don’t receive an item bought on the SL Marketplace, visit our redelivery terminal inworld. If the item doesn’t appear in the redelivery terminal, please wait 8 hours before contacting us; Linden Lab itself specifies that your delivery could take up to 8 hours depending on server load and this means also that we cannot use the re-deliver function before 8 hours have passed.
  • If after this time you still haven’t received your purchase, please check first if you have been billed at all (Linden Lab should refund you automatically if they can’t deliver the item for some reason).
  • So, to sum it up: if you’ve been billed and haven’t received your item, please hit our redelivery terminal in our mainstore.
  • If you are still not able to have your purchase delivered, please go to: and fill out the “not delivered” contact form. An answer should arrive within 72 hours.
  • Remember: if you are in busy mode, you CANNOT receive your item from the Marketplace.


  • Custom work is available and the pricing/cost depends on the request complexity and availability.
  • Please go to: and fill out the custom request form. An answer should arrive within 72 hours or less.

If you are interested in blogging for us, please check LovelyMiStore Resident and check if we are currently looking for bloggers.

Lovely Mi was established in 2009 by Miwa Bunny
CSR : Tiniest Corgo [LovelyMiStore Resident]


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