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My name is Bunnie Luv Lula and if you have not heard about me, well that’s a damn shame! Online personality, DJ extraordinare and Top Wrestling Manager.

Warning: This website is for my Second Life Wrestling Management Character Bunny. Services offered are in USD or Linden Dollars.

My Services:

Management 101

a.k.a. I teach you the ropes.
Cost: $80 USD or L$22,000
During the course of a month I will teach you how to build a brand, your brand, from SL photo and video to marketing, social media management in order to create/expand rapport and a fan base.

Active Management

a.k.a. I will actively help you with development and content
Cost: starts at 100 USD a month.
Please note that I rarely take these type of clients, because it is a lot of commitment.

I will basically help you run your socials, develop ideas and content with you, provide interaction IC, take pictures, be in-character with you on stage and so on.


Bad Kat

VWE Wrestling


VWE Wrestling

Interested in my services:

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