Branding and Management

Management is not about running your life, is about doing just what your client needs you to do to ease their own life.

Management Courses

I offer management courses for wrestlers, stores and SL personalities . My courses are aimed to be taken in small groups but there is an add-on you can obtain after taking my courses.

For photography please check my SERVICES page for more information.

Currently I am actively managing ALYX J. KNIGHTMARE, BIRDY/LYRA PHOENIX and TEAM WILDFIRE. Active Management is only open based on availability and will be advertised.

Mgmt 101 Course

Cost: L$2,500 per session
I have created a branding and management course to help you do things on your own.

Throughout these sessions you will learn:

  • Branding (2 sessions)
  • Session 1
    • What is it?
    • Why do I need to care?
    • Why does it matter for me?
    • How does it impact my overall look.
  • Session 2
    • How to brand myself?
    • The Do’s and do not’s of my brand.
    • Why this is ok and why it is not?
  • Social Media Management (2 sessions)
  • Session 1
    • What is it?
    • What socials do I need to be present in?
    • How and when to post?
  • Session 2
    • RIE or Reach, Interaction and Engagement.
    • The importance of Meaningful Engagement.
    • IC and OOC separation in social media based on your branding.
  • Photography (2 sessions)
  • Session 1
    • Taking pictures on Firestorm or Black Dragon.
    • Best tips and tricks to use yourself.
  • Session 2
    • Photo editing online or with Photoshop.
    • What styles are convenient for my branding.
  • Videography (3 sessions COMING SOON)

1-on-1 Mgmt Addition

Cost: Depends on what you want, check below.
This is an addition to my Mgmt 101 Course, please know you need to have taken my previous four sessions to ask for this.

In this addition I will work with you 1-on-1 with what you consider you need the most attention to, each session is between 30-50 mins long and is only for you!

  • Branding 1-on-1: L$2500: Need help to either develop your brand or polish what you already have? This is for you.
  • Social Media 1-on-1: L$2500: Would this be ok for me to post based on this specific situation/based on my brand? Need a more indepth look at what your socials are or what they could be? This is for you.
  • Photography 1-on-1: L$1500 per session: Need help with photography? Checking your angles or photos and setups? Getting your posint across? This is for you.
  • Photography Aide 1-on-1: L$1500: Need a step by step of the photo process? How to select an angle? How to improve from what you have? This is for you.

Branding Services

Throughout the years I have garnered experience on how to start, run and define a business. If this is something that might interest you, the following are the costs for my services:


This includes from definition of your business to logo creation, font, colors, and more. In other words what makes your brand YOURS and UNIQUE.

Cost for this starts around $80 USD.

Logo Creation

Need a logo for your business without having to spend on the fonts and design yourself? This is more or less what I do.

Cost starts at around $20 USD and goes up depending on complexity.

Business Startup

Want to start your own business but have no idea how to do it. Allow me to help you.

This service usually starts at around 150 USD, but a payment plan or something else can be discussed.

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