Sims 4: Miwa_Bunny’s 7 Deadly Sins Legacy Challenge

So was reading through some of the Legacy Challenges available around the grid for The Sims 4 so I could play them on stream and I ran into one in particular, the 7 Deadly Sins Challenge from SimVanie (original challenge here), while it is a cute idea to have it be a wholesome style where every generation learns from their mistake/sin, for those that you know me… you know I ain’t about that. So let’s come up with another one where the Sins actually stay, there’s no redemption and they carry through the family’s life.

While I am taking a few things from the original challenge by SimVanie I am highly editing it to work with my playstyle and what I have in mind. For this to work of course the way in which the sins will be presented will be in accordance to the story and the rules, so let’s get into it:

  • The Sims 4 Base Game
  • The Sims 4: Get Famous Expansion Pack

IMPORTANT: Do not force anything on your sim, the idea behind this challenge is letting the Sim lifepath develop as naturally as possible.

Recomendation: Have a saved copy of the first generation ready to go in case something happens, because this challenge depends a lot on RNGeesus and you should NOT be forcing anything on your sims.

Read them, love ’em.
1. The child that will carry on with the challenge cannot have the angelic trait.
2. 7th gen' child (8th Gen) cannot be modified AT ALL!
3. Some gens have a requiement for how many children they can/will have. Other than those mentioned, you are free to choose how many each will have.
4. You are allowed to play this challenge with the lifespan you prefer (the normal or long lifespan is recommended).
5. Money cheat is only allowed at the beginning of each gen, give your sim the last amount of money their parents had (money should NOT be an issue).
6. Read thoroughly the requirements for each sin, the aspirations and careers need to be completed 100% before your sim passes.
7. If one of your sims dies before completing the aspiration or career the challenge needs to restart.

If you give this challenge a try please tag me on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Tumblr (@miwabunny).

You can choose to setup your generation zero (0) with a teenager and assign the traits of the first one OR you can create a couple or one sim to play out trying to have a child. That’s up to you 100%.

1st Gen: Greed
Traits: materialistic, kleptomaniac, snob
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy or Mansion Baron
Career: Business (either Branch)

1. Master the aspiration chosen and complete the Business career.
2. Master the charisma and logic skills.
3. Steal something 10 times.
4. Fall in love with someone that is married with a family and get them to marry you.
5. Have at least one child to carry on the lineage.
2nd Gen: Pride
Traits: perfectionist, neat, self-absorbed or proper (Snowy Escape).
Aspiration: World-famous Celebrity or Super Parent
Career: Acting or Style Influencer.

1. Master the chosen aspiration and complete the chosen career.
2. Master the parenting skill and also either the fitness or charisma skills.
3. Find a partner(s) to carry on the lineage, you do NOT need to marry them.
3rd Gen: Sloth
Traits: lazy, slob, clumsy
Aspiration: Computer Whiz
Career: None

1. You can choose ANY aspiration and career but DO NOT pursue it at all.
2. This sim cannot have a job.
3. Find a partner to carry on the lineage, marriage is not mandatory.
4. This sim can only master the gaming or programming skills.
4th Gen: Envy
Traits: jealous, ambitious, art lover
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim or Villanous Valentine
Career: Barista, Arts Critic, Painter or Musician

1. Master the aspiration and career chosen.
2. Find a married partner with a family and convinced them to leave them for you.
3. Have a child to carry on the lineage then either choose to kill them or leave them.
5th Gen: Gluttony
Traits: glutton, dance machine, childish
Aspiration: Grilled Cheese aspiration and after this the Master Chef or Master Mixologist aspiration
Career: Fast food employee and the Culinary Career (either Branch)

1. Master the Grilled cheese aspiration (to unlock this eat three plates of grilled cheese in a row) and after this complete the chosen aspiration and career.
2. Master the cooking, mixology, and the baking or gourmet cooking skill
3. Go to a nightclub every weekend to party
4. Find a partner to carry on the lineage marriage is not mandatory.
6th Gen: Wrath
Traits: hot-headed, hates children, self-assured
Aspiration: Public Enemy
Career: Criminal (Boss Branch)

1. Master the aspiration and career.
2. Master the mischief skill
3. Get in a relationship with someone to carry on the lineage but let them break up with you after you get a baby.
7th Gen: Lust
Traits: romantic, noncommittal, outgoing
Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Career: Entertainer (either Branch)

1. Master the Serial Romantic aspiration and complete the Entertainer career.
2. Master the charisma skill.
3. Party as much as possible and have as many woohoo encounters as possible (definitely recommend Wicked Whims or Wonderful Whims can work here).
4. You may only have one (1) child, no more.
8th Gen: Redemption
Traits: Creative + 2 Random
Aspiration: Best Selling Author
Career: Writer

1. You cannot mod anything in this sim.
2. Master the aspiration and become a reknowned writer.
3. Write 7 biographies on their ancesters.
4. Write at least 7 fiction books one for each sin.
5. This sim should NOT have children, though is not impossible.

You can catch me playing the challenge at


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