Wrestle Insider | Raine Bo [IC Post]

The following is a roleplay in-character interciew with my Valiant Wrestling character doing an interview with Valiant Wrestling’s Raine Bo. Please keep this in mind.

For the longest time the most amazing characters have been around Valiant and one of them in particular has always caught my attention, the one and only rockstar alicorn Raine Bo.

From the look, to the size and the personality, Raine Bo has captured the fans’ hearts and attention since her debut earlier this year. I got the pleasure to sit down with them and chat about their career, future, hobbies and more. Enjoy the interview.

Photo by ROF Productions
What brought you to wrestling?

My Dad and I used to watch wrestling growing up, I got introduced to it quite young. While I was in school, a talent agent signed me quite early to begin singing before I even had a second to decide on what career I wanted for my life, I had a band and was in the top charts. So now that things have calmed down, I have come back to my roots and decided to pursue one of my interests from when I was a child.

How is it like to balance being a rockstar alicorn and a wrestler?

I am very grateful for my agent. If wasnt for her, I wouldnt even make it to Valiant on time each week! I tend to get super focused on my music and forget about time of day. Eventually I will have my agent join me at Valiant, for now, tho she wants to remain in shadows.

What are your current goals in Valiant?

Currently I just want to wrestle and make a name for myself. I just want to wrestle and enjoy the fans as I get to tell my stories. If I win a championship on the way, great. However, that is not my priority. My goal is to have fun and enjoy what I’m doing with my fans and fellow wrestlers.

Photo by ROF Productions
If you had to pick a dream match with anyone in Valiant, who would it be?

As crazy as this sounds, I think Id love to face Isabel. I enjoy a great challenge. I already faced Revel who was dealing with her own demons. Now I’m dealing with Barbie. Why not add another to my list?

Photo by ROF Productions
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Between my music and wrestling career, there is not much time for free time. I train or practice every waking moment. However, I do enjoy a shopping trip when I can. What can I say, I love finding new clothes.

What would be your piece of advice for someone starting or having an interest in (SL) wrestling?

Trust no one. Believe in yourself and train, but don’t depend on anyone else to support you along the way. You need to create your own path and passion.

I know you have been having a rough time lately, care to share some finaly thoughts?

Recently Barbie admitted to breaking my guitar my Dad gave me, I am quite angry and broken hearted over this. It was the last thing I had before my Dad passed away. All I ask is for Barbie to give me the pieces back so I can try to get my guitar fixed. And to remind Barbie, I have not forgotten, you will pay for this.

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